Friday, April 25, 2008

Women -360

This past week saw a fabulous win for Danica Patrick at Motegi , Japan .It put her in the fast track as a top Indy Car racer . She has worked hard to achieve her goal to step into the winner's circle as the very first winning female racer on the Indy Car circuit .Danica's win as the first woman driver in the Indy Car league ranks right up there along with drag racer Shirley Muldowney, who won three NHRA Top Fuel Championships . Women are proving that they are more than capable to compete with the Good Ole Boys in the once closed world of car racing .

This brings us to the 360 degree turn of events .... women not allowed to drive in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia .Truly amazing that women are still not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia especially after reading of Danica Patrick's win this past week .It is almost as if we are living in parallel universe's . One in which women are allowed even encouraged to achieve their goals and another where women are still enslaved , in a manner of speaking .I stumbled across this link ,WSS Links : Women and Politics , in association with the Association of College & Research Libraries / American Library Association . A whole lot of association huh ? LOL !This link furnishes bio information on many women who have become successful .

March 11, 2008 BBC reported the story of Saudi Arabian woman activist Wajeha Al Huwaider's defiant stance toward the " No Driving " law in her country .Ms. Al Huwaider explains her position in a video she made while driving in violation with the "No Driving" ruling . I have included a interview with CNN Octavia Nasr , senior editor for the CNN Arab Affairs which includes Ms. Al Huwaider's statements and shows her driving a car . This woman was breaking the laws of her country for just driving a car . Unbelievable in the year 2008 !

This also lead to another unbelievable world situation which involves not only women , which I know is the topic here but I felt the real need to include this now , children , but also men ; Human Trafficking , or SLAVERY by any other name .Slavery in the year 2008 is a untenable condition that should concern us all .In any country it may be found or practiced sad to say . Please read this link I have provided to learn more about combating Human Trafficking .


PH said...

Instead of 360 degrees I think you mean 180 degrees, as 360 degree returns you to the same point.


on the edge said...

I did mean 360 . I started out with Danica,moved to Ms. Al Huwaider prohibited from driving in Saudi. Ending with the statement that this was so amazing in 2008.Which is now , the year Danica won . Sorta of a "read between the lines thing " . I guess it takes a woman to draw the inference ? that brings you back to the amazing feat of Danica .Should I edit it for ALL ?

MusicLover said...

unfortunately I missed this movie when it was shown in Portland.

Nicholas D. Kristof

He is an excellent writer from Portland

It is really sickening about Human Trafficking

There was a recent movie called
Eastern Promises about Human Trafficking