Sunday, May 18, 2008

Equal Rights

You know how some religions allow men to have multiplies of spouses and/or mates , such as concubines and wives ? Well , after long and hard debating among my selves , I have decided that women are long over due for some much needed equal rights !Yes , that's what I said , equal rights .

For millennium now , men have had all the fun of multiple mates to fulfill their every need , while the women of the world suffer trying to get the man to just take out the trash . If there was more than one man around the house , no one would feel the need to ignore the woman's request to take out the trash , right ? There would be alternate men to to take out the trash on alternate nights . See how well that works in the mens favor ? And ..... the woman would no longer be a nag , therefore making her more of a happier mate to have and be around . I pronounce this as a win win situation for all !So , who will be the first one to be a trend setter and get this ball a rolling ?

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emptiest_heart said...

wow. you opened a big can of worms,
but its an old can. This subject has been brought up so many times I cant keep count of them. And to tell you the truth there is no right or wrong answer, its all a matter of opinion and every person has his/her own sense of morals and beliefs. But, and this is an important but, as we are muslims (I am assuming u are) we have to accept the religion as a whole, we cannot pick and choose what we like and discard what we dont. So in the end you have a choice, your beliefs goes against Islam, and Islam is against ur beliefs, but Islam cant be changed, therefore..........come to your own conclusions