Saturday, May 31, 2008

Babies , Cats , And Food

Way back in the dark ages when I was having children , babies were covered up with blankets . According to my youngest daughter who is expecting her first baby any time now, this is no longer a done thing . Seems there is a danger of the baby smothering .I am worried the baby will freeze to death this coming winter but she assures me this won't be a problem with thick blanket type pajama's they have in America . She wore those same PJ's when she was little , while covered up with a blanket . Now my oldest daughter is pregnant also. I can't wait to hear what she will tell me "we longer do these days MOM !" LOL ! I am sure I never told my mother such things .Oh No !!!! LOL !

My cat is in heat and meowing up a storm , driving Moe,me , and I am very sure the whole building insane . Yes , I know we should and could have her spade . I have a thousand reasons why I haven't , but mainly it boils down to, I just can't do it . She is strictly a in door cat . She never goes out side .There isn't a chance she could get pregnant. She is clean of all bugs ,for those of you about to comment on how nasty it is to have a dirty animal in your home .So , if she goes insane once every three months , I guess we will have to live with it , or at least until I work up some nerve to take her and get her sniped .I wonder , do cats go through "Cat-A-Pause" ?

I forgot to mention a while back I found some Worcestershire sauce , yeah !!! Now , I see there is even A1 Steak sauce on the grocery selves here and there .It would be so nice to go to just one grocery store and find everything you want , instead of driving from shop to shop looking for the things you need to buy . Even the larger well stocked stores are never fully stocked with everything . This is so time consuming , grocery shopping . I hate it ! You go from shop to shop looking all over for that one thing you need . The prices have all gone up , and more and more you have to bag your own stuff , then haul it all to your car , go home and unpack it all .As if that wasn't enough , then I have to clean , wash, chop , slice , dice , divide it all up into individual bags , freeze it or store it , and ultimately ... cook the stuff !

I am sick of cooking three meals a day too !Every single day , imagine eating every day , all day long !Why can't Moe be considerate and only eat , oh say , every other day , once ? I mean if I were him , that's what I would do . Be considerate that's all I ask !The next time someone asks me what I do , I will answer ... COOK !


abdullah SH said...

wish save delivery 2 ur daugther & we wait `e u .....

ok wht u do now hehehe!!!

on the edge said...

Whallahee Mendree ! Thinking it over lol ! Thaxs for best wishes .