Sunday, May 11, 2008

This And That

I would like to wish all mothers everywhere a Happy Mother's Day . It is Mother's day in America today. I think mothers all over the world deserve a special day today , whether or not they are in America , or Americans . Most countries have their own Mothers Day celebrations, but hey , you can NEVER tell your mom enough just how much she means to you , how you appreciate all the things she does for you and the family , right ?

Moe and I went grocery shopping the other day and I was astounded how much the price of everything has gone up ! Almost twice the average price and it is not even Ramadan !!!!We ended up paying double what our normal list of things cost us in the past .Guess we will have to start to grow our own veggies soon if this keeps up .Maybe get a cow and some chickens too ? I will be the Old Mac Donald farmer , like in the children's song before long , lol .

Today I went to Sheila to have the works .I look marvelous darlink !!!! My hair was cut and styled .I had streaks of red mixed in with the blond for fun .My toe nails are a lush pink that gives me pleasure when ever I look down upon them . My brows look like dove wings gently arched .My skin is satiny smooth from her message .Oh , Sheila , we will never let you leave us for so long again . Who else will pampers us so divinely ?

Yesterday I spent sometime with a friend that I NEVER get to see, or hardly talk to any more since she started her own business several years ago . She is always busy with her larger family or her business .It is a rare day for her to have spare time to just spend on her self .That's what made yesterday so wonderful for me , knowing that we shared that time together having so much fun . We went for a ride into the country side we both love .Then we went by to see The Wall on our land , lol . After that, we bought some sinful goodies to take to the Condo On The Sea where we had an old fashion talk-a- thong while we ate our goodies .Really a wonderful time with a great friend .It can't get better than that !Last night my daughters called to wish me a Happy Mothers day from America and completed my day !

On some of the Arabic TV channels here there is a commercial for AXE deodorant that has a English teacher teaching adults English . She is showing them pictures of different things and saying the words for them ; like cat , cow, and one is of a dog. A cute guy walks into her class and she says " Boom Chicka WOW WOW ".Her students all repeat what she says . It is so funny . Now in stores here when ever anyone wants to buy the deodorant , they don't ask for it by it's name , they ask for that" boom chicka wow wow " spray , lol ! My friend that is a English teacher says that other countries have a different version of that same phrase on their commercials too . Here is the commercial for you to watch too .Check out some of the other ones as well. Boom chicka wow wow y'all !

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Here is another commercial I thought was funny too .