Tuesday, June 17, 2008

37 Years & Hot Water

June 18, 1971 Moe and I married on a very hot sticky humid morning in Houston , Texas. My wedding flowers were magnolia and crepe myrtle . I was wearing a long simple white dress and Moe wore a brown suit .We had a simple civil ceremony in a wedding hall that was paid for by a stranger that was so kind to help two kids in love .We had several of our friends as wittinesses. Our best man played his harmonica off and on during the service . Later we had a religious ceremony also , but that is the day we consider our wedding day . That is the day we began our life adventure together .

It was stressful as all weddings tend to be , even the so called simple ones .We had our very first argument the night before .I was still upset that day as I walked down the isle toward Moe . I remember thinking all of the sudden , hey this is for real .We stood before the Justice of The Peace and took our vows . The enormity of what we were doing was almost over whelming . We made the pledge together before God/ Allah that from that day forward we would stay together for the rest of our lives , in sickness , health , richer , or poorer no matter WHAT !You can fake some things in life , tell your self and others lies , but when you SWEAR to GOD that you will definitely do something , well , that's a sacred promise.You don't want to be messing around with those .

We have had all the sickness , health , richer , or poorer tests as promised in the swearing to God service mentioned above , to the extremes sometimes .I don't think either one of us would have stuck some of the bumps in the road out if it hadn't been for those promises made to each other and God that day .

A Islamic wedding ceremony it isn't as serious to us westerners since you just recite the opening chapter of the Quran out loud in front of wittinesses . This is done separately , usually a woman has a man from her family to represent her during the ceremony , her father. She has been asked before hand does she want to marry the man and she says yes or no as she likes .It just doesn't have the same seriousness or enormousness feeling to it as a western religious / civil marriage ceremony , at least to me it doesn't . It is just as binding . It has had long negotiations agreed upon for a pre- nuptial contract between the two parties before hand so there won't be any problems if a divorce is wanted later on . It is hard to think of some thing as sacred if you start out with a divorce in mind first don't you think ?

When the service was over , all the congratulations were finished , we walked out of the hall to find that it had rained while we were marrying inside .It had just slowed down to a light sprinkling , the sun was peaking out of the clouds , and a huge rainbow stretched from one end of the sky to the other side .Every thing was fresh , shiny as only things can be after a wash down from cleansing rain . A bright new start to a new life together .

Yesterday and today are real summertime days . It is hot , hot , hot .It is soo hot that the water that comes out of the sanitary hose in the bathroom , the hose that we use to wash / rinse off after toilet use , is scalding !!! I had somehow forgotten that fact of life yesterday as I used the water hose the first time and the gushing hot water connected to some very sensitive areas of my anatomy .I am sitting on a soft pillow until I am forgiven by said parts , lol .

It is definitely beach weather today .The beach across the street from us looks like the city has rented it out for pay per-visit this year .That means loads of traffic on the main road in front of it. No parking , no side walks , no trash service, and no life guards either . Pedestrians that never think to look BOTH ways before they cross a very busy main road is a scary road to drive on .Most of the beaches on the road into town this year have been rented out in this same way . That's nice for people to have a beach available to them to swim and picnic on ,but not so nice for motorist that drive on the streets they are located . Have a safe summer this year and enjoy the beaches and pools.


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ibeebarbie said...

Salam On the Edge,
MABROOK to you and Moe. What a wonderful accomplishment as well as a wonderful re-cap of that lovely day. May God continue to bless you both.

I'm not certain which is worse scalding hot water or frigid freezing water---either way extremely temperatures and be trying. :p

abdullah SH said...

congratulation 2 u DTD & moe
wish all ur days beautiful& 7elwa `e moe .....

we 2 in libya ystrdy 42c ....

a_akak said...

MABROOK to you and Moe and may everyday bring you more happiness and joy

Fe Aman allah

on the edge said...

Thank you all for the nice congrats !!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

mabrouk to all of you
God bless

MusicLover said...

Happy Anniversary

Kool & The Gang - Celebration


on the edge said...

LOL ! Thanks soo much ! I can remember when everywhere Moe and I went to dance during that time this song was out , we would here it playing as we walked into the club . Brings back fun memories !