Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daylight Robbery - The Iraqi War

Last night I watched BBC's Panorama show " Daylight Robbery" as reported by Jane Corbin . I was completely amazed at how the Bush Whitehouse politics and policies have totally hoodwinked the American people in regards to the cost of the Iraqi war and why .

I have put the YouTube video's from the BBC's Panorama "Daylight Robbery" program here for you to watch and form your own opinion . It takes several video's to get the whole program but well worth the time it takes to watch them all , believe me . I might have them out of sequence but you will have no problem understanding the message .

Imagine a company being paid $2,000,000 a month to guard the Baghdad airport and playing football with the money bricks . Or how Haliburton was allowed to be the only catering bidder for the troops BEFORE the war was started , and wanted a 5 YEAR contract for a war that didn't exist ! Millions , billions , and even trillions made from profiteering on the Iraqi war by American company's through suspicious means . You really won't believe all this and at the same time you sadly will . Watch the video's .

What do you think now ?

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a_akak said...

I cant see the vid at work but i will see it later :)

As for bush ..... what can i say? I think the Iraq war was and is a success for USA as they have secured the oil for 40 years and this is an agreement with the Iraqi's prior to the war

Fe Aman Allah