Friday, June 6, 2008

Honey Pack The Bags

Ever once in a while Moe would come home and tell me , " Honey pack the bags ,get the kids , we're moving to "...... take your pick :

1. Cyprus
2. Libya
3. America
4. England
5. Italy
6. Spain
7. Malta
8. Egypt
and the very latest .....
9. Tunisia

The kids are all gone and I can't find the suitcases .... Thank God !!!!! By tomorrow he will have changed his mind , um maybe , lol !


Lebeeya said...

Well, atleast it's not Somalia :)

Have a safe trip (if he hasn't changed his mind) and don't forget to eat Zgoogoo - or do tunisians only make that in the mawlad??

MusicLover said...

Next time South Africa,unfortunately they are chasing immigrants and killing them.

Johnny Clegg -Scatterlings of Africa

a_akak said...

I would choose Libya

I should do the same thing lol but I dont have a wife or kids so its a little bit easier

Fe Aman allah