Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Which One Polls

I thought I would check out a few polls showing the favorite at this time to win the presidential election in the USA .This link to "The Real Clear Politics " poll for the 2008 elections makes things as clear as mud .It seems that Obama has the lead so far but who knows how it will all turn out ? This link has all kinds of charts , graphs ,and what not to make it easy to see the front runner to date . There are other polls for different elections in the USA , such as the Senate and the Electoral College , which is actually the body that elects the president of the USA , not the common voters as thought .Towards the bottom of the article you will find related articles by different authors to read for more information . When you figure it all out , write me in the comments and let me know what is what . I am more confused than I was Before I started this quest !


ibeebarbie said...

Salam On the Edge,

LOL just like politics to say so many words but say really nothing----doesn't sound like this report is any cleaer. :-(

abdullah SH said...

Obama McCain
61% 34% as website results ..

if iam american ill vote 4 obama cuz i think always d democracy delegate is less crazy than Republican Delegate we all know how republican behaviour & best example j w bush ( 1st terrorist in d world ) even iam sure all nominees bad in d end 4 arabic world ..

on the edge said...

I think it is so funny that poor Obama is NOW being called the "1st Jewish President " , after all that hoopla of being accused of being a Muslim .

About all I can say for McCain is that he seems "nice" and wants so bad to be a toughy .I am afraid he will have a heart attack from too much stress one of these days .

Guess it will be a wait and see thing from here on out with them .Be interesting to see how many lies they get caught telling from now until Nov.