Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just Rambling On

Hey ! What's been going on in your life lately ? Spring is here and love is in the air along with the usual hay fever, in most parts of the world . Funny to link hay fever and love in the same sentence isn't it , but they are sorta the same thing when you stop and think about it . One makes you sick from too much pollen and the other eventually makes you ill from too much love. Both are caused by excess of something , right ? Just a thought that wandered through my mind at the moment , so be patient with me . LOL !

I have had plenty of time for reflection and daydreaming these last couple of weeks . I have had a re-occurrence of an old ailment that has caused me to be stuck in the Condo ..... A LOT ! One thing has lead to another and you know what happens to idle minds ..... weird thoughts , lol .

Like ... should people eat genetically engineered food ? I know that there are studies showing that it PERFECTLY safe ... blah -blah-blah ! BUT ... Do they REALLY KNOW ... FOR SURE ? Or are the scientist just trying to sell the public on a new ideal they are promoting ? HUM??? How many years of studies do they have to be so sure this is a good idea or not ?

Another thought going through my mind .... is it ok , truly ok .... to be allowed to genetically engineer the appearance of your unborn child from a vanity point of view ? Like ... what if you and your husband/or wife both have black hair and green eyes but think that black hair and blue eyes would be much nicer ? Should you be allowed to have this genetic modification made to the fetus ?

I think it is ok to modify the fetus for genetic markers when there are clear indications for inherited diseases or things of that sort . Many of you might not think so, but I do . I mean if you know your child has a hugh chance as a adult to inherit the colon cancer that runs in your family and you have the ability to make it go away BEFORE the child is born , why not ? Or prehappes breast cancer runs in the family . What would you do if you could remove the chance of it happening to your child ? Is this playing GOD or something only the rich can afford ? Should this service be provided to all people as a matter of health care automatically ? Like vaccinations ? A basic right to good health care ? What do you think about these things ? How do you feel ?

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