Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wicked Game

I am sure most of you have experienced this , you turn on the radio and hear a incredible song . One that switches ALL THE RIGHT BUTTONS on inside you . You think to your self , "WOW what a SONG ! It says it all" . Or maybe , "How did I live my whole life with out this song " ?

Some songs strike a chord inside your being that makes you hum and vibrate . I have had this happen to me many times to the point that I had shivers running up and down my skin . I think you know what I am talking about . It doesn't necessarily mean these things have happened to you , what is being sung about in the songs , or the music being played , but you are simpatico with it . For that brief moment in time , you are that music .

The song below is one of those songs . I want to share with you . I hope you have sound on your computer and can listen to it . Here is Chris Isaak's " Wicked Game" .


NuNa said...

i agree withu and what u have written is true. it is my first time listen this song...?!

Rose Bud said...

I love you!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam On the Edge,
I completely agree. Sometimes music can transport us to a different time and place. I can always tell how good someone's singing is by the goosebumps that gather on my

KhedegahMc said...

Totally with you on this....A fab classic!!!!
''Sound of Silence''Simon & Garfunkle does it for me......:)

Serena said...

I listened and listened again. Great song and I love the name!