Monday, April 13, 2009

Patches , Le Chat !

The cat went in heat 2 weeks ago . She was yowling one night so bad I stayed up to shush her up so the neighbors wouldn't complain . I KNOW.... I should have her spade but I am afraid to do it here since I once lost a loved puppy due to a wrong injection given to it and said never again . We never let our cat outside , never.... ok ? No chance of baby's .

Moe and I had been out and was huffing and puffing up the stairs when the two busy bodies in the building were standing in their door way, stopped me to chit chat . One lady asked me was my cat still alive . She is 10 years old now . I told them yes . Then the other lady asked me did she go out side ? I said No NEVER ! She said to me I am sure I heard her outside last night in the hall of the building . I looked her right in the eye and said NO! Not my cat ! She is strictly a indoor cat !

We talked a little bit more to be polite, since the real reason they stopped me was to ask about the cat , then I went on to our apartment . The minute I opened the door , Patches , our cat , starts to meow as loud as she can ! LOL ! I slammed the door shut hoping against all hope that the neighbors didn't hear her !! Oh well , I guess the cat's outta the bag ! Hahahahha , get it ? LOL !


Serena said...

Sweet Patches. I never heard her meow when I was there.

mistika said...

I had a cat my first time a couple of years back and I never could imagine how loud they can be when they are in heat, third night I could not stand it and off she went to the vet.
Just hang in there!

ibeebarbie said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! You are brave to endure that horrific sound. I recall as a kid our cat went into heat-----ONCE----and it was nearly unbearable for all. I'm assuming even for the cat. Thank God that doesn't happen to humans that I know of.....LOL

Luna said...

so funny !
I was never a cat person when the kids were young. Now that they're older I have become to like their company. I have a Siamese male named Michou(ch as in chair) he is great ! You gave me an idea to post about him . Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Poor deprived pussy. I have a LOL Kitteh now, I call him Meow Meow.

OTE, you have been awarded an award, please call over to The Tomus Arcanum to pick it up.


abdullah SH said...

depending on da size !!

iam nt fans 2 cats bt like 2 watch it playing LOL

yowling yowling yowling = hungry or sick
hehehe ...

salam ...