Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid AL Adha In Libya 2009

Well , the Eid is over for another year . It was a very strange Eid here in Libya this year . The government issued a statement that said the 1st day of Eid would be on Thursday , but Saudia said the 1st day would be on Friday . So , we had some people celebrating on a Thursday , but many more waited until Friday to sacrifice their sheep . This was the 1st time ever , living in Libya we were not awakened by the mosque calling for the special Eid prayers . It was even stranger still on Thursday to know that it was SUPPOSED to be the 1st day of the 3 day Eid celebration , but it NOT being the 1st day .

No noise , no children running around getting under your feet , begging for more BBQ .It was like business as usual in the City with many shoppes open on Thursday . But come Friday morning , we had all the normal Eid activities ;shouting , the commotion of the sacrifice , the sheep bleeping , the kids running and laughing , the men yelling where was this thing or that thing , the women moaning about having to do all this extra work , all the while just as happy as the kids .Smoked filled air wafting around your head making you starving for MORE BBQ , even though you aren't too sure you could eat another bite , well ,at least until supper time ,lol

Tomorrow is the official 3rd day of the Eid and the last day that is normally spent visiting friends and family , but with the Eid the way it was this year here in Libya , am not too sure what will happen tomorrow .Typically the 1st day is spent doing the sheep and cooking . The 2nd day  people got out and visit with family and / or friends . The women choose this day to go to their families , since the 1st day is normally spent with the husbands family . The 3rd day many will try to see the remaining family and friends not yet seen .So , you seen why I wonder what will happen on Saturday . And if today(FRIDAY) is the unofficial 1st day , then will the people try to extend the Eid into Sunday  for the unofficial 3rd day ? Never a dull moment here in Libya , lol. 

We had a great Eid . On Thursday our son and his family came over to spend the day . We BBQ untill we were stuffed like the Thanksgiving turkey I had prepared for the dinner later in the evening to celebrate Thanksgiving .Friday , we did the sheep thing . I think Saturday we will just rest and recouperate ! Hope your Eid was uneventful and happy . And for all you Americans out there , I hope your turkey was nice and moist , the pies yummy , and the dressing tasty ! We all have so much to be thankful for and need to remember to count our blessings while giving thanks to God for our riches .


Anonymous said...

How can they make such a mistake? Sounds really weird to me, but I bet it was weirder for you.


on the edge said...

I don't know how they made their decision to tell the truth , since we all share the same moon for the Islamic calendar . BUT... I have to admit , sometimes it is hard to tell what the moon is doing when it is a tiny sliver in the sky and can't always be seen .

It was weird!!! Imagine if Christmas came on the normal 25th of Dec. BUT no one celebrated until the next day .Sorta like the Grinch That Stole Christmas, thing.

Emad warfalee said...

thats bad position !!!!!

Emad warfalee said...

thats bad position

KhedegahMc said...

Asalom Alai Kom Sis,

Sorryyyyyyyy....... EID MUBAROOK.. Hahahahaha the drama of Eid eh. There was adivision line in this house LOL. I stuck to my guns and fasted Thursday. Was not going to be fooled like last Eid. Am I write in thinking that they revoked it on Thursday again, after itb was called hahahahaha. ''This IS Libya !!!!''

I know I have to start posting again. Thats the reason I started the blog...but the internet is so moody it annoys me hahahaha....Did send an email...I hope it went through was a long time ago though hahahahaha.....
Will try. Starting tomorrow EN SHA ALLAH. To be honest have not even read any blogs either......

Love and Salams

on the edge said...

Khedegah !
Am so glade to hear from you and to know you are still here in Libya !Miss you ! Write soon about your adventures girl!

You are so correct about the Eid, about time , and especially ... water repairs .So nice to hear from !