Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eid ,Flu, Fight, and 1 Birthday

I can't believe this, but  Libya STILL hasn't decided WHEN we will be celebrating the Eid . It is supposed to be the 10th day after the new moon in the Islamic month of Dhul  Haj , so that means it SHOULD be on Friday .I have heard it might be Thursday , then it was said to on Friday . NOW I was told by a source that Libya might be celebrating it on Saturday . I just want to know so I can get my projects in motion around here in the Condo.I really don't see why there is all this confusion .

Several friends have the flu here in Tripoli . One went to a private clinic for treatment .That person was told to stay in bed, drink plenty of fluids , take anti biotic , vitamins , and panadol .The other went to a government hospital here and was told the same thing and also prescribed the same basic treatment .BUT both persons was baffled because neither one was tested for the H1N1 flu or offered Tammy flu .I said what difference does it make whether or not you have one flu or the other , since you are sick either way .And if you become sicker , you go back to the hospital for more treatment .It seems as if the flu comes in waves . 1st group gets over it and then a new group comes down with it , spreading all over the place .Around and Around it goes .

The other day Moe and I went into town to do the shopping , stocking up on things we will need for the Eid and I was amazed at the prices of things. From the basics to the exotic , prices are higher all across the board. Our meds have sky rocketed to the outer stratosphere.I really don't know how large families here are able to make ends meet .

While we were at the meat market , I witnessed a horrific knock down drag out fight between 2 young men .It left me shaking when it was over , from fear that one or both boys would ended up dead .Knives were evolved ,one boys head was hammered into the bloody pavement , until I thought his head would crack open . The sad thing of it was , a whole souk filled with men of  all ages, no one stepped up and tried to stop the fight until I yelled that one of the boys had grabbed a knife from a butcher shops unseen .THEN several men stepped in and separated them , allowing one weaker boy to run away from his assailant .I was sitting in the car waiting for Mohamed to return from the shop he had gone into when this fight took place , so he didn't see or hear about it .He couldn't understand why I was so upset . He said it was just a guy thing , but he didn't see it happen .All I could think about and still do, is if that had been a son of mine I would have wanted someone , anyone to stop the fight before anyone was seriously hurt .

On a lighter note , my oldest daughter turns 35 in a few hours .I remember the stormy wee hour morning she was born into this world .How happy I was to have a little baby girl . I couldn't stop the tears of joy from falling onto her when I held her for the 1st time .Have a wonderful birthday Rosebud !


Rose Bud said...

That sounds terrible. On another note I think I'm 35 right now! lol Belive this or not, I almost forgot about my birthday because I was so excited about Sophia's first birthday 8 days after mine.

on the edge said...

Hum ... I think that if you subtract 4 from 9 , you will have 5 left , so that means in 2009 , you turn 35, since you were born in 1974 ? Still a spring chicken !Glade to hear your birthday was a good one .