Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Weeks News

Just wanted to let you know Moe and I are finally on the mend . The flu seems to have flown ( pun intended , lol ) the coop thank goodness . We have a residue cough but other than being a little tired , we are ok .

Last week was pretty busy for me .A good friend decided to throw a baby shower for my daughter in law in her home . That was a lot of fun .  She received some really wonderful presents . I don't think she will have to buy either one of the boys any clothes for the next 100 years , lol . She was so surprised at how nice relative strangers could be toward her and her sons .I told her that's what friends are for , to give support when you need it.

The day before that, my sister in law that is here visiting from London, wanted to visit my daughter in law and see the new baby before she leaves for Haj with her husband . So , off we went to see the baby's . I had a ball playing with Haroun . He grew, I think, 4 Cm in just 1 month . I swear ! He no longer looks like a baby , but like a little boy now . He is trying so hard not to be jealous of his new baby brother . For a 2 year old ,I think he is doing very well . Yousef has gained a ton in 3 weeks and grew, oh ,maybe 2 Cm's too .He looks like a little teddy bear . So cute ! My camera has decided not to work except when it wants to , otherwise I would have posted pictures of them for you to see . Hopefully I can get a new one soon.

Then before that, earlier in the week we had to do some needed shopping .I have got to where I dislike shopping of any kind . Now , if you are one of the few people out there that know me , you are probably finding this impossible to believe, I know , lol .I was once a " shop until you drop" shopaholic .

The day before yesterday was Halloween . One of our all time favorite holidays in our family . My daughter sent me a picture of Gail dressed as a ducky for Halloween . Oh , she was so cute . In the video , she has her head down and filmed from above , she looks like a ducky . She even walked like a duck . Hum , does that mean she's a duck ? No , she doesn't sound like a duck , phew , that was close .

The weather here has been gorgeous ! We have had rain , cool tempratures , sunshine, and northerly winds off the Med. All in all , it makes me soooooo homesick . All I can think about are the Fall Festivals I am missing in Houston . The World Series for baseball , and the football games that come around in the Autumn .It's the cool air that does it to me .Well , I guess that's all my news in English for now . Take care , OTE


Rogelio said...

good blog
seetings fron spain

Doctor X said...


I was nice you commented on my posts. I read two of yours and was really happy with them, I wish I could blog like that. good news that you are recovering from that flue.

Have a good day.