Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moan And Groan Time

Disclaimer : If you don't like to read about other peoples pet peeves THEN READ NO FURTHER !I am dedicating this post to the things that are on my very last nerve these days .

Where to begin ? Hum , mosquitoes maybe ? Yes , you read correctly . We have nice cool weather these days  but still have jumbo jet size mosquitoes that would make the mosquitoes in Texas jealous ! I have killed maybe 10 tonight while sitting on the computer , well not really sitting on the computer , but you understand what I mean , right ? One would think that cool weather would kill the blood suckers off by now , but NO ! They are here to stay it seems .

This leads to another thing that is really making me angry ...... the SMOG/ SMOKE from the City burning trash late at night at the dump .It is a total health hazard . I woke up coughing my lungs out last night because the Condo was filed with smoke from the burning trash and this isn't the only time , sad to say . It happens a lot . You should have seen the smog hanging like a mourning pall , black, over the sea this morning . Made me wonder how many people this was effecting besides me .When the wind blows the smoke out to sea or in land, it isn't so bad , but on nights like last night , no wind , the smoke just stagnates until the sea winds come at dawn to blow it out and away from land .No one seems too concerned over this Green House Effect causing problem .

Next on the list are the people who are ill and still insist on co-mingling in the general population , spreading their JOY Of BEING ILL with all and sundry .That means that I am the one that ends up sick most of the time .UGH ! They want to ignore being sick . Pretending it isn't so bad , so they go out and VISIT people that are WELL , spreading their GERMS ! Even to newborn infants ! OMG ! What Are They Thinking ? Oh , I know ....... THEY AREN'T THINKING !!!

Here comes a BIG PET PEEVE ..... Why is it that in the summer , there are still some people here that would rather suffer the heat , than turn on the AC? Because they think they will get sick from the cold and maybe die. OK ..... then WHY are those the same people that in the WINTER OPEN ALL THEIR WINDOWS to let in the cold air .... BECAUSE the warm air from the heater will make them WHAT????? SICK ! OMG ! Somebody , any body , tell me where the logic of this thinking is found . ANYONE ? Save me PLEASE!

Here"s another one .... Why post a traffic policeman  at a intersection , or anywhere else , to have them just ignor all traffic violations that are commited right under their faces ? What's the whole point ? Somebody ??

This one is plain weird..... there are no clothes for children ages 10-12 in their correct sizes  here . As far as I know , in the last twenty years, there hasn't been any clothes that properly fit children in that age group . All kids go through that age and parents can't seem to find anything to fit them .Why is that ? They either have to wear clothes too small for them or too large . I felt so sorry for my youngest daughter when she was 10. I have a friend who's son is 10 and she can't find anything for him to wear this winter .When the new clothes come in to market , there are maybe 10 models for that size range . Needless to say , they go quickly .

Another thing ...... WHY can't the hardware stores sell washers for the faucets ? NO , they will sell you the whole entire faucet set , but ask for a washer and they look at you like you have a wart on your nose .They don't even stock them.More money , I know ... but still why do I have to buy an entire set just because I need a washer only ?

Just one more thing ..... dosen't anyone here know it is impolite to STARE at other peolpe ? In the Quran it is stated that you may have ONE look and only ONE LOOK . After that is it is just rude .

Hum , I think that just about covers it . I feel much better now .


Bumedian said...


Its something that adds spice to the life,,,lol. This is another failure point of view that says live the reality weather accept it or not, and don’t think to change it even if your not feeling ok about it,,, what an idea right?

Mosquitoes are easy to defeat … maybe that jumbo size is hard to defeat but nothing is impossible,,, and looks like you have come in a place where many things come all over against you. Have you try to use the mosquito killing vaporizers? It worked for me last few nights where they vested me and sounded like b25 ready to attack

And u need lots of installments in your doors and windows to defeat the smokes… you know… other wise you will need to wear smoke masks.. and no one would listen if you try to talk to them they may be say… why did you moved over here any way…

I laughed a lot about the ill people actually and how true it was  … all what they are believe are built on myths cos cold viruses doesn't got caught by the cold weather or any… and that’s proven,,, but do they think ?

There is a differences between looking and watching,,, you look at something you won't stair to much and you will turn your head away… but what they are doing is watching and flowing step by step. I do avoid that by avoiding eye contacts so I don’t even look . and if it happen and I looked at someone ,,, I play the game of who lay down first  normally I win,  cos I am not the one who started it any way.

So I think it’s a mater of living with… more than accepting it. In general

Good post loved all its ideas ,,,

Thanks 

Weldemdina said...

It’s so easy to complain and moan about something to yourself or others, but did you complain about this to let’s say the local authority? Regarding burning the trash on the open when they have specially installed incinerators outside the city? and for the mosquitoes, well no one could help or control the size of it, it’s nothing to do with the Libyans it’s something to do with evolution, may be Libyans need to exchange their mosquitoes with the Texans ones, and regarding to the size 10, well I have a problem myself getting a size year 10 fits my son and we live in UK, when he was 10 he used to wear size 14, now he is 13 and wear size year 16, its nothing to do with sizes it’s to do with kids built these days, so don’t follow the number on the back of the garment just try them for your kids and you should get the right size, and remember that Libya was under economical sanctions for so many years and it will take another few years to be back to sort of acceptable normality, and soon you will have direct flight to the USA, and then you will be able to go and visit home and experience the pleasure of your home town mosquitoes , the little suckers ;o)

on the edge said...

The Spice of Life... yep , that's life in Libya alright ! I live here because it is my home .

I complain ... BECAUSE it IS my home.If I were living somewhere else there would be the same issues,I am sure . The world is but a very small village after all.

Believe me when I say there are no small clothes, or rather very few. This isn't a random observation here , it is a fact . Having been in the clothing business for years here and in the US , I feel I am able to talk about this subject.

The SMOG is another problem ... I accept there is nothing that can be done about it and that is one reason I complain.Also,I hate waking up at night choking from smoke that smells like shity baby diapers . Would you like that?

Mosquitoes ... again not too much can be done about them either. Bug spray aggravates allergies and this leads to asthma, not nice.Screens don't work well either . The City does spray for them , but the mosquitoes love the stuff and pretend it is their perfume, lol !

There is a prayer that say:
The Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;courage to change the things I can;and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;Taking, as He did, this sinful worldas it is, not as I would have it;Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

And this is what I try to remember when I get too frustrated with Life .