Saturday, July 17, 2010

1 Month Later ... Near Divorce

Just 1 short month ago I was writing here on the blog HOW MUCH I LOVED MOE AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO HIM . Now , 1 month later and I am ready to divorce him .WHY ? Ha ! Don't EVEN get me started ....
BUT  ... it has something to do with :

1 very small motor
4 equally small wires
10 men
This all adds up to 4 days with out water in the Condo on The Seaside .

The water pump burned up last Wednesday .I told Moe then to go talk with the men in the building , which were all home for lunch, about replacing the water pump motor .DID HE DO THAT ??? OH NO !!!! WHY ??? Because ..... I told him to do it !WHAT WAS I THINKING ???? Never tell a man to do anything , he will just ignore you and do what he thinks is what he wants to do .

So , he didn't talk to the men in the building then . They seeing that the water was off and thinking that some one else would fix it , went off for a early week end , leaving those of us here with out water .Of course, one would think that SOMEONE ,i.e. one of the remaining men in the building , would get together with the other men still here and replace the motor , BUT NO , THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY, HUH ?  So, began the game of : " who would be the 1st one to crumble under the weight of the nagging wife" and go fix the motor .

10 men against, 12 or more kids , and 10 women ,that adds up to a lot of nagging .Some one , I am not saying WHO ,but someone, has given in and got the water on a hour ago !!!! Yeah ! No divorce !Baths were taken ,laundry done , dirty dishes washed ,floors scrubbed cleans, and water is flowing off balcony's like rivers . The Condo's On The Seaside are all quite and peaceful again .On my tombstone it will say .... " I Told Him To Do It And He Didn't Listen " .


Anonymous said...

I have one of those too and sometimes you never know what you unconsciously told him to do. I was born bossy so we have lots of fun!

Ellen Keim said...

I know exactly what you mean! I have all this good advice and no one (not just my husband) wants to take it. Doesn't my hard-won wisdom count for anything??