Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Food For Thought

I can not tell you HOW many times I have seen this scenerio ...... Libyan guy goes to the bakery to by bread for the family .He comes out with AT LEAST 25 to 30 loaves of fresh baked french bread in his arms . The bread is hot . It burns his arms . A loaf or two falls onto the filty dirty..... tarmac/ sidewalk/ muddy gutter / street/ dirt . The guy does what ? Yep ! Every single time , no matter the age or apparent cleanliness of the person . The guy ALWAYS , really ALWAYS, stops and PICKS THE DROPPED BREAD UP , places it along side of all the other loaves of bread . Sometimes he will even take a bite of the bread . EVERY SINGLE TIME ! I swear to God ! And that is why I buy the bread in our family .

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Anonymous said...

A little dirt never hurt anyone Mom. Besides fresh hot bread is so good.