Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adventures Indiana Jones Style

Hi ! Guess what ? The other day Moe and I were doing our usual coffee runs in the neighborhood while checking out some of the new roads that have been paved in Tagura . I drove down this new road that we hadn't been down before .We saw the normal things , houses , feilds , sheep and what not but then an unsuaul sight caught my eye just by accident . A pile of rubble along side of the road had been moved away from a old roof top of what looked to be a Roman villa buried in the sand . It looked as if when the rubble had been moved , the top layer of the dirt was scrapped off ,or a corner was exposed to sight .Someone had dug even futher down where the door to the house was and it looks as if part of it was excavated , maybe . I will definitly go back and take pictures for you to see . That was pretty exciting to see . It looks as if not too many people have seen this site so far .I wish I was able to crawl inside to inspect it for myself .So neato ! I felt like Indian Jones when I saw the house sticking up out of the ground .

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Khedegah said...

WOW, can't wait 2 see picks of that. How exciting. There are ruins here aswell but of course they, don't care, just build over them...! :O I KNOW !!!.... Maybe I should start digging around , looking for a hobby...:) hurry up with the pics!