Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Regrets , I've Had A Few

 I have been asked " Do you have any regrets "? I have been asked , " IF you could do things all over again , would you "? I always say no . Most people do .I believed that I had no regrets and wouldn't do anything in my life differently from the way I have lived it . But lately ,I have come to realize  that it is pure arrogance to say that you have no regrets in life . That it is a lie and if you say otherwise , you are lying to yourself . Why ? Because it means you have never made any mistakes in life . Or if you have , you never learned from them , which is even worse .

So , yes I have regrets I would change or  things I do over if I could . But having said all that , this is the happiest , most contented time in my life . Life is a wheel that turns constantly . The same things come back to you over and over until you learn Life's Lessons .That is why people say " Live and Learn ". Some times you are lucky and get a " Do Over " in life .Don't waste them .


Anonymous said...

So very true dear- I couldn't have said it better. And I do have a few regrets if I have to say so myself;-)
Also would do things differently had I another chance but c'est la vie !
Thanks for sharing

Lebeeya said...

Very true, great post.

Ellen Keim said...

I have many regrets, but when I look back I realize that my life turned out okay even though I made mistakes. Better than okay. I wouldn't have my loving husband if I hadn't divorced my previous one(s), for instance. I mostly wish that I'd been braver in life. So I'm trying to amend that now. After all, what do I have to lose?

Thanks for making me think...

Highlander said...

Great post OTE. Regrets ? we all have them... with hindsight I wish that I made some decision differently. I try to think that I have learned from my mistakes but sometimes I feel I have not ! :P