Wednesday, August 4, 2010

20 Plus Years Now

I can hardly belive it , but yesterday marks the 20th year anniversary of when we moved back to Libya for the 3rd time to live .20 years is a long time . Much has changed here in Libya and in the States .Life has changed from as we once knew it in both places .Much has stayed the same too .I am still amazed that I have lived in Libya all told for over 26 years . I feel sometimes like the flag above , as if I have melded into a hybred ,not of either here nor there .I belong to both places with my heart stretched between the two .


Khedegah said...

Mubarook:) I reached my 1st year here last week. Can I imagine 20 ......... We will see if I will get there lol k x

Ellen Keim said...

How often do you get back to the States?

You should write a book--I bet you have some interesting stories!

How about writing a guest post for my blog about your experiences living there? Pretty please?

on the edge said...

How often do I get back to the US ???? LOL ..oh about never . Te last time I went "home" was in 1992 .

I see all my friends here go back and forth every year and when they come back here they are so dissatisfied with their lives here in Libya .This happened to me when i lived here in the 70's . I would travel to the US every year to see my mother and family , cone back here and cry all year long until I could go again .

We eventually moved back to Houston because of this, and the fact that my mother was old and needed me there to help her .

We lived there for 13 years,after momma died we felt that even though Moe's parents had visited us in Houston , the time had come for us to move back to Libya so that our children would learn of the other side of their heritage and other family .So we did .

This time I went home once for 2 months and realized that the " HOME" I wanted and longed for was no longer there ... i.e. ... my house with all my kids,friends, and family in it .So , I just didn't go any more . I made my life here in Libya my home .

I get home sick once in a while , usually in the fall . But I am in contact through the internet with my family and friends now and life is good .

A book ... well , I have been told that before , lol , but if my writing of this post is any example of how well that would work , lol , then I say " Let sleeping dogs lie ". Thank you anyway !

Sparkling Motivation said...

WoOoW! That's a really long time... well, happy anniversary, bro :)

I remember when I first came back to Libya in 2000, I found it hard to fit in, let alone the thought if I'd ever fit in!!

Now in the UK, I totally miss Libya after licing there for 8 consecutive years... you know, the sand, the sun... *sigh*

Ah well.

Take care and congrats once again ^_^

Sparkle xxx

on the edge said...

Thank you ! I know about being "homesick" for Libya . When we lived in the US , I would miss Libya so much then .
Now I miss the US in the fall . LOL ! Go figure .