Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Start Your Engines !

Yes , it is that time of year again. Ramadan fast approaches, starting in a week . Everyone here in Libya that I know , well almost everyone , is busy preparing for the month long daytime fasting , night time feasting.

Grocery  shopping , stocking up on food stuffs normally not seen any other time of the year are appearing on the selves of super markets . Special treats are being made and stored in anticipation of  the month long feasting. Many families also use this time as a excuse to replenish their kitchen supplies , such as dishes, glasses, pots and pans,maybe a microwave oven .

Prayers and contemplation of Allah ( God) are paramount during Ramadan .Special evening prayers are held each night at the neighborhood mosques , broadcast over the loud speakers for all to hear in case one is unable to attend . One may even watch special  prayer programs on TV from the comfort of ones own home.Many families have Quran readings in the evenings . All this serves to remind one of the awesomeness of God and that we are His servants.

We Muslims are told to remember the poor all the time,to give charity , but during Ramadan charity is MUST.Charity not of just money but of our time , our love , patience , forgiveness ,tolerance ,friendship to all, not only to strangers, but to those we love as well .It is a month when we are asked to think of others first , ourselves last . This is the way we are meant to live all the time but fail to do . Families come together forgiving old wounds and sharp words .

Ramadan is a magical month of discovering your inter strenghts and weakness . Testing your faith. Purifing your being . Remembering that we are but a small thing put here on Earth only to worship Allah .

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