Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadan News

And that is basically what my life has been reduced to when ever I try to get on the internet during Ramadan.....urgh !!!! It drives me insane to wait 30 minutes for my computer to do it's thing, the internet to do it's thing , and THEN they MIGHT let me read my e-mails or make a post here . It is crazy .

Well , Ramadan is progressing well for Moe and I .The fasting has been easy and smooth so far . Alhumdulilia ! That's another thing , I can't spell in English worth a hill of beans, and I certainly can't spell Englishized versions of Arabic words ! Why I continue to try beats me . BUT... anyway , back to Ramadan .... we both have made time to reflect on our lives and pray. It has brought a sense of peace to us , a contentment that was lacking before .

Relatives have visited . Neighbors have sent plates of goodies for our meals .Friends want to visit , but I hesitate , the peace is so nice , but then so are friends .Moe has gone out for an evening with the Jahmah ( his group) and I had a whole evening to myself . A rare treat these days since he isn't going to the gym during Ramadan .

His sugar is down and that is a good thing .Maybe fasting should be a everyday thing for him , lol . I KNOW it isn't though . He has had a couple of evenings where he was ill from headaches , but refused to let me take him to the hospital , sigh !!! Thank God he didn't have a stroke again !!! His blood pressure is steady and that is good too . I just worry since he has had 2 strokes already . Other than those few things , all is good here in the Condo .

Hope your life is all good and if you are fasting , that it is easy . Ramadan Kareem !

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Anonymous said...

Insha Allah Ramadan Mubarik, OTE.
Your posts are always uplifting and endearing. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
From a Libyan Mum.

on the edge said...

Dear Libyan Mum !
Thank you for your kind words ! Blessings , OTE