Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Mobile

Last night I went out with Khadijateri and her girls to do some Ramadan shopping . We stayed in the car and the girls got out to do their shopping while KT and I visited sitting in the car . It was a ideal shopping trip for me . BUT .... the real fun started BEFORE we left to go shopping , KT handed me a gift bag and told me to open it . I did ,inside I found a Ramadan/Eid/early birthday present ....... a very "pretty in pink" mobile phone that can do everything , including the Hokey Pokey ! OMG ! OMG ! OMG !

I KNOW I always said I would NEVER have a mobile phone BUT what can you do when one just falls into your lap, so to speak ? I HAD to accept it , huh ?I mean it would have been terrible rude not to have taken the phone , don't you think ?  Who refuses a present ? What to do ?What to do? I took the phone ! 

I have been busy every since going crazy trying to learn how to use it . LOL ! I ended up accidentally calling KT at around 6a.m. this morning when I pressed " this button" to see what it would do .Then I didn't know how to end the call , so I just closed to phone entirely , lol .I was horrified I might have awakened her or her husband , whom I am sure would not be all that understanding at 6a.m. to have been woken up by a "dumb blonde" phone call!

Thank you Khadijateri so much for the phone .Once again you have enriched my life by giving me another wonderful present .Call me the next time you and the girls want to go car shopping . I can't wait ! OTE


khadijateri said...

You're welcome! And don't worry I usually keep the phone on silent and when I saw the phone call and the time you made it I started to laugh, because I knew it was you punching buttons...lolol.. I had a great time yesterday!

on the edge said...

Earlier , I had tried to call my son and got the number ,but couldn't figure out how to make the darn thing dial the number . I was almost in tears I was so frustrated !!! LOL!

Then,later on I "discovered " the dial button,but didn't KNOW it was the dial button,lol.That's how I called you at 7a.m. , lol . So.... now I know how to dial and hang up ! Yippeeeee !

Mistika said...

You are going to love it, enjoy yourself!

on the edge said...

Against my better judgment ... I think so !