Monday, September 13, 2010

After The Party

These last few days, post Eid and Ramadan, have had a strange feel to them , anti-climatic , a mono chromatic color .All Ramadan we stayed up until 6a.m.or sunrise . It was great for me , because for once I was on my  circadian rythme .This is one reason why I love Ramadan , for once the rest of the world ( well , the Muslim world that is ) is marching to my personal drummer. We had one heck of a parade for a month marching to my drummer.

Now it is back to normal and I can't seem to get my internal clock to go along with this new way. Moe is having sleeping problems too . He goes to sleep at a normal time ,but wakes up the time to have his breakfast before sunrise, Ramadan time . I just can't close my eyes before 6 a.m. period ! Plus when I do go to sleep, I just want to sleep all day . I have tried to force myself to go to sleep earlier , but no joy there .It will take us a week or so to get back to a pre Ramadan routine I suppose .

Some sad news ... for me that is ... fall is coming here to Tripoli.You can feel it in the shade , lol . In direct sunlight it is still hot as all get out , but in the shade , oh so cool .We went for a ride in the country side yesterday , Moe and I . The leaves on the trees are starting to do their thing , falling , drifting down to the ground on the northern breeze.The light has that certain quality we only see this time of the year .OMG ! It makes me so home sick for Houston .

Painting by: Connie Tom " The Colors Of Autumn 2"

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