Monday, September 6, 2010

Broken Circles

Life recently for Moe and I has been a lot like the above painting , one minute you think things are going smoothly , in a nice neat circle , the next , the circle is broken to bits in disconnected fragments .

Moe has been ill now for about 2weeks with his heart .We spent one entire day at the Tagura Heart Hospital waiting to see the doctor in the emergency room . Trouble was , the emergency room was also being used for patients with appointments to see doctors , in a non emergency capacity . So , even though Moe had suffered a heart attack , we were made to wait until the last patient with an appointment was seen, a total of 5 hours . He was finally seen by the doctor about 30 minutes before sunset . Moe went in to see the doctor alone . He of course did not tell the doctor all the facts or his entire medical history , so the doctor was going to send him home with a pat on the back . Luckily the doctor walked Moe out of the room and I asked him what was being done for Moe . He looked at me like I had 2 heads and told me nothing .I then asked him did Moe tell you about.... this ? Or that ? Or this too ??? No , he hadn't . SIGH !!!!

So , back into the examining room we went as I filled the doctor in on ALL the facts .He ordered all sorts of tests . We waited for the results while wondering what we were going to eat when we got home , since it is still Ramadan and we were fasting .The results all said , according to the doctor , that Moe was just fine . Nothing wrong with him at all . Ah ha, I said , but what about this pesky little ole heart attack he had this morning ? Oh , don't worry about that, he said .You have to make an appointment tomorrow to see the heart specialist . In the mean time , just take a pill if you feel bad .Long story short , it will be until the end of the month before Moe see's a specialist . So , that has happened .

A good thing , we have heard from our oldest daughter that her baby girl doesn't have a heart murmur after all, as was suspected . YEAH !!! The other grand children are all well .

I have declared war on the men in the condo building . The septic tanks from their condo's are all over flowing.They refuse to have a septic tank car come and empty them .This is a problem that has been on going  for over a month . The sewer water is pooled underneath my car , which means I have to walk through it to get in my car . I have talked to them all, to no avail , so last night I moved my car into one of their nice and dry parking places when they went out .The man came home to find me in his place . To say he was unhappy is a complete understatement .He came to me screaming and yelling . I told him once he and the others empty the septic tanks , the lake dries up , I will move back to my place gladly , but until then , I am staying in that spot .He threatened me , I told him to take his best shot . So far he hasn't .

But on the plus side , Ramadan is almost over and it has been lovely this year . Friends and neighbors have sent over many delicious dishes of yummy food .Moe has spent several nights with his family having much needed fun .Other friends have come to visit us .We have spent time in prayer and giving thanks for the riches in our lives .I am going to miss Ramadan .Only 2 more days until it is over and we have the 3 day Eid that is spent visiting friends and relatives .Hope all is well in your lives .OTE

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