Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Eid And The Spirit Of Ramadan

Eid has been great . Son and his family came to visit . Moe's sisters and brothers , along with many other relatives and friends have been by to wish us well this Eid . It has been busy .

It feels so strange to be eating and drinking during daylight hours . Makes you feel guilty . I have to keep reminding myself that it is ok now to have a cup of coffee before sunset . LOL . And speaking of strange feelings .... it just is odd not to be "in the Spirit" so to speak ,the spirit of Ramadan . Like the day after Christmas,when there are no more Merry Christmases greetings, or Christmas music in the air. That sad empty feeling, anti-climatic ? While on the subject of the Spirit Of Ramadan ,here is a good article on how to keep that spirit alive all year long . Check it out . Some very good ideals there .

A friend named Ellen Keim is a new convert to Islam.She did Ramadan all on her own , without the fellowship of other Muslims to give her support this year.It was her 1st Ramadan . I think she did wonderfully well , on her own and deserves kudos . She has written all about her Ramadan feelings here . It is a good read . Check it out .

Moe and I wish you a happy Eid and hope the goodness of Ramadan lives in your heart all year long .

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