Friday, August 8, 2008

The Archive Of Misheard Lyrics & Miscellaneous Stuff

Ever heard a song and loved it ? Found your self singing it out loud so all and sundry could hear you and not just in the shower ? Only to find out from some kind soul that you have NOT been singing the correct words to that song ? Like " Lucy In Disguise With Glasses " ! For years that's what I thought the Beatles were singing , lol !

Like so many other people who thought they knew all the words , this web sight will give you many hours of laughter looking up songs you thought you knew . It features personal stories from others that also thought they knew a song or two , lol . Then after you read their version , you can click on a link to the "real " lyrics to read .

Remember a few post back I mentioned a visit to Beauty Street with a friend ? She bought a bubble bath soap that promised transportation to exotic places when you use the bubble bath . I saw her today and asked her if she had tried out the bubble bath yet . She said yes , she had . Well ??? What happened ? Where did you go ? Did it hold up to the promise on the label to export you to exotic places ? She smiled a Mona Lisa smile and looked dreamily off into the distance without answering me . So , I guess I have to make another trip to Beauty Street to get some of that stuff and see where she went !

The Olympics have started . Moe is watching China and the Netherlands try to trounce each other in football ( soccer ) . I am not too sure which events we will be able to see here on the different channels we have on our sat. dish but hope at least to see some of the gymnastics this time around . Last Olympics we didn't get to much of that sport . I feel so sorry for any of the outdoor sports athletes because of the air quality in Beijing is so terrible . Imagine they claimed to have cleaned the air up for the Olympics !!! It's worse than L.A. on a bad day ! I guess it must be one of the last supposedly non political events left on the world . Or at least it strives to be non political .Wishing all the best to the competitors from all over the world in this 2008 Olympiad .

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