Sunday, August 10, 2008

My News In English

Been pretty busy this week and last week . Moe thought he was going to go out of town for a vacation . That needed all sorts of planning , running to and fro for things he might need , or wanted for his trip . All that rush , rush doing this or that and the man is still here ! OMG !

I had planned on all sorts of fun for myself while he was gone . I was going to sleep as long as I liked . NO PLANNED MEALS !!!! No cooking !!!! Eat ice cream in bed while reading a good book .Visiting friends , going to weddings , having some clothes made for myself . Many of these things I can still and will do , but half the fun is NOT having to do all the everyday things I do normally for him . A mini vacation for me but with all the comforts of home thrown in , lol ! Maybe he will go after all , keep your fingers crossed for me , lol !

It has been the Annual Pre Ramadan clean out the freezer thing this past week end . I made a solemn vow this year as I hammered the ice off the sides of the freezer ..... next year , I WILL HAVE A FROST FREE FREEZER AND REFRIGERATOR ... or else ! Or else what I am not too sure but definitely a OR ELSE !

In the mean time , I read "The Pillars Of The Earth" book and loved it the second time around . Yes , I said second time , for after all that searching for the book here and finally getting my hands on it , I realized after the very first paragraph , that I had read it when it came out in the 1980's ! Of course that was so long ago , I had forgotten most of the story so it was new again for me . Loved the book !

I have also done most of the Pre Ramadan shopping now . I am so glade that's over with !!! The prices haven't gone up too much ... so far . But I didn't notice many new food items on the shelves as in years past . But the port of Tripoli has ships stacked waiting to come in and unload their goodies for Ramadan , so maybe I just went shopping too early this year .

So nice to see the ships waiting to come in the harbor . Made me think of how things were in the 1970's when ships had to wait days to again entry to the docks to unload their cargo . At night you could see the ships lights out at sea as far as you could look , like stars on the water . Maybe it will be like that again ?

Did any of you watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics ? OH WOW !!!! That was something else ! So fabulous !!! I loved the way the countries came in ,out of alphabetical order , like a deck of cards that had been shuffled . I appreciated the thought and planning that went into the placement of countries not on good terms with one another . I thought it was so ironic that Syria was placed in the middle between the US and Russia , lol , like a Peace Keeper , lol ! What a sense of humor those Chinese have!! I had to get up to do something and missed Libya's entrance . Does anyone have a picture of that ? If you do will you place it on the comment portion of this post . Would live to see them !

So , that's what I have been up to lately . What abut you ????

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Rose Bud said...

Cleaning the freezer out must have beena chore. Too bad I wasn't there to help. Good luck with sending dad off on an adventure. I will keep my fingers crossed. I hope the packages I sent you are on one of those boats. Waiting for you to open them!