Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chen Yanqing- Wonder Woman

This amazing little woman, Chen Yanqing, that weighs all of 57 kilos had me sobbing the other day as I watched her break her own world record in the Cling and Jerk . She was competing in the Womans 58 kilos weight lifting division . She won her second gold medal for China .

As I sat watching this woman struggle to lift more than double her own body weight , it hit me like a ton of bricks that her herculean struggle with more and more weights added to the bar , was so much like every womans struggle in her daily life . We struggle to juggle our lives for all that we love . We bear the sole burden of pregnancy and child birth . Many women now days not only work in the home , raise families ,and work out side the home , they do it while constantly doing a balancing act . The battle to balance our lives in the many different directions it takes us daily , to carry the heavy load alone , while trying to make it all seem effortless is so similar to the feat Chen Yanqing accomplished when she lifted 138 kilos high above her head for her golden new world record .

I sobbed with pride for her strength of character that kept her from ever giving up , even when she wanted to in the past . I cried because she is everything that represents women all over the world .... strength , strong character , loyalty ,pride , the ability to withstand adversity, and over come all problems . How I admire this woman . She sets the bar high for future generations of women to come , and shows that all adversity is conquerable ! Hip , hip , hip hurray for the new Wonder Woman !!!!


Caught in the middle said...

Hip Hip Hurray to all women, all over the world.
One the edge: I loved this. Thanks you.

abdullah SH said...

's she same women WHO wins in 3 diff wieghts !! now adays no diff btw men &women plus women "moms" & ths hardst job n d wrld so no other jobs can stop her ... Salam

ibeebarbie said...

Salam On the Edge,
Very touching and profound piece you have written. So well written and expressed. It seems you have captured the essence of a woman---bravo!

on the edge said...

I wish you all could have seen this feat of strength and the quite battle she won .

Serena said...

I admire Chen Yanqing for all the reasons you have stated, and I admire you for your insight! Both of you have a positive impact on other women!

on the edge said...

Serena , now you hush ! I think I am blushing now !