Friday, August 1, 2008

The Little Teeny Tiny Blue Pill

See this little teeny tiny blue pill ?

See how it is so tiny that it fits into the bowel of a spoon with lots room left over ?

Now , do you see this square of marble terrazzo flooring in my kitchen ? See all the different colored pieces of marble ? The marvelously uniquely shapes ?

Here is what the entire kitchen floor looks like

Now ..... Can you find that dam pill I dropped some where on this floor ?

No ? WELL , NEITHER CAN I !!!!!!!


ibeebarbie said...

Oh I hate when that happens.

abdullah SH said...

oh my eyes !!!
how u imagine tht !!!

keep looking 4 dam pill ...
salam ..

Serena said...

I am certain that my tiny yellow pill that I dropped is next to your tiny blue pill!

Caught in the middle said...


Guess said...

hehehe, :)
you know it always help to lay your head to the floor, and look for anything that disturbs the horizon (unless you have a dirty kitchen floor, that would be one hell of a problem, hehehe you would die from imaginary OD, lol)

take care and get a solid color next time