Saturday, August 16, 2008

More News From Me

So much going on I'm not really sure where to begin but I guess the biggest and most talked about here in this part of the world is the deal between America and Libya settling a fair compensation for victims from the bombings of Pan Am Flight over Lockerbie , Scotland and the USA's bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi that ended diplomatic ties back in 1986 . Secretary Rice is actually saying she will make a diplomatic visit to Tripoli before the end of her term as Secretary of State .

More on the diplomatic front ...... Libya and Bolivia are establishing relations . It seems both countries have the development of energy resources on their minds for mutual benefits of each other . I don't know if I have mentioned this before but if I have , please forgive me , lol , but when I met Moe the very first time I asked him which country he was from . He told me Libya . I thought , poor thing he doesn't even know how to pronounce his own country's name and kept correcting him by telling him , no you mean Bolivia every time he said Libya . He finally smiled at me and just nodded his head . It wasn't until several days had gone by that I realized there was a real country named Libya ... all the way in North Africa , not Bolivia in South America ! OMG , that man has some patience huh !

I just watched the movie " Cold Mountain " with Nicole Kidman and Jude Law. I normally won't watch a movie that covers the American Civil War . Nor do I like to read any books pertaining to that subject . It was a terrible time in American history that to this day you can still see and hear the scars if you look or listen hard enough . But this movie was so good that I became lost in the love story it told instead of focusing on the war it was placed in . The acting was very moving . If you haven't seen it , I recommend it .

I broke down and bought myself some reading glasses , along with a new pair for everyday . It is so amazing when you get new glasses all the things you notice that you hadn't seen before , lol ! Like dirty windows . They never bothered me all that much before . Now , I think I will have to break down and wash the rest of the ones my nice daughter in law didn't do when she was visiting us !

And now that I have reading glasses I am begging for books to read from my friends again . After I read "The Pillars Of The Earth " I realized how much I have missed reading . Used to you could never get my head out of a book but when I started to need reading glasses , I just stopped reading rather than buying the glasses . Isn't that stupid to give up something so wonderful for a silly reason?

So now I have a large stack of books waiting for my attention . I don't know when I will find time to cook this Ramadan for all the reading I have waiting for me ! Right now I am reading " The Secret Life Of Bees " by Sue Monk Kid . I like it . It is bringing back forgotten memories of my childhood times , even though my childhood was nothing like the girl in the book . It was in the same time period as in the book. Yes I am all that old , lol !

Some sad news to report to my family and friends that read my blog to stay in touch , our daughter in law has miscarried her pregnancy of two months . She is alright and the doctor says she can try again in the future .


D Nantze said...

I have a few friends in Africa, too. Hope things are okay for you in Tripoli. May I ask your connection to Stanley and Elizabeth? Would you by chance know a Catherine Studney?

D. Nantze, Texas

PH said...

Alot of topics to reply too for one post :P .

A girl working at western union once give me a headache, thinking that Libya was Lebanon and insisting the my transfer was from there; because her boyfriend was Lebanese, so as she said, 'she knows the region' ..... had to find another branch to get my money from :)))).

As for broke back mountain .... I never bothered with the civil war in the background either I took it for the romance story and considered the civil war like any other war and I agree it was an Excellent movie !!!!

Serena said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the miscarriage but glad to hear your daughter-in-law is ok.

on the edge said...

Well , that had me going ,lol !So , you are really Lebanese huh ? :) Tricky , hahahahaha !Ok , I never saw "Broke Back Mountain " and it might be set during the Civil war .. eh , but I don't think so .I let you know if I ever get to see that movie . The movie I saw was named " COLD MOUNTAIN" . You were CLOSE , it was something with a Mountain , lol ... sorta like Lebanon , Bolivia , and Libya , LOL ! When we moved back to Libya in 1990 my oldest daughter's best friend wrote her a letter . We got it 1 year later , mail was slower then ,lol , and it had been addressed to Liberia ! So , I guess we can add that to the list too ! Take care !

on the edge said...

Thank you Serena . She is doing better now . Take care .

PH said...

Lol I meant 'Cold Mountain' but got confused with heath ledger's broke back ( just seen the batman movie ) mountain and that wasn't set during the civil war loooool .
As for the mail, I have a friend's uncle who used to study in the US, he just recently received a letter that was mailed to him in the seventies; but it was delayed in the US for some reason, he still hasn't opened it so as to not ruin its stamp. He's thinking maybe it can make it into the Guinness book of records ????

salaaam and thanks for the laugh ;)

Rose Bud said...

Don't forget you are still waiting for your package from me too. lol I hope it will get there soon.

I was at the store looking for something to read while waiting at the hospital for test and saw the "Pillars of the Earth" and got it. It reminded me of you. Sort of a long distance book of the month club. lol I'm so glad you got new glasses!

on the edge said...

Well if you love that one , you will really love the Secret Life of Bees !!!So good !