Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Was Tagged

Amreekia min Bab Al Sharayah has tagged me from her blog . She asks me a very loaded question that I guess most of us has asked ourselves at some place in time ; " Is there anything in your life you would like to do over if you had the chance ? " She wants details too ! OH MY !!! This is something that requires a lot of thought .

The easy answer would be the standard one ... No Way , but I think that would be hypocritical to say that , don't you ? To be honest , I am sure most people at one point in their lives have said , at least just to themselves ," If I could do this all over I would " . You know you have .

But can I pin it down to just a simple answer ? Hum ... not too sure . I am a Virgo and , we LOVE DETAILS !!! LOL ! So , yes , there are a few things I would change if I could .

I like perfection . I realize it is a impossibility in real life to achieve . While on the other hand I am basically a lazy person , which makes this trait frustrating all on it's own to live with sometimes . So , I guess I would like to be more pro active in my own life and not an observer as such .

I would have been a better mother to my children and less a parent . There is a difference you know . Parenting is a discipline and mothering is nurturing . I would have been more consistent . A " Leave It To Beaver " sorta mom , or a " Soccer MOM ", as Sarah Palin describes in her speeches . My children met people of all walks of life so that they would be tolerant of " Differences " , accepting of "Others" . I think I would have added along with the culture they were exposed to , more academics . I was blind sided by that one , not stressing studies more , or rather insisting on academic excellence . Yep , I would definitely have demanded better grades in school from them "If" I had it to do all over again .

I would have placed them under a Bell Jar forever to protect them from all the horrors the world would later hurl at them when they became older . I would have kissed every single boo boo and every single ow wee and kissed each and every tear away from those tender checks . I would have said "I love you" until they screamed for me to stop .

That's what I would do over if I could . I just have to hope and pray that one day they will come to realize that I did the best I could at the time, with all the love a mother can hold in her heart , to make them into the wonderful individuals they are today .

If I have tagged you , please answer my question on your blog as a post . Title it .. " I was Tagged " duh ! Then for chuckles and grins tag five or more other people !
So ......... Tag , you it !

Rosebud ....... Please tell us how you feel about being married and waiting for your first baby to be born . Details please , lol .

Serena........ Please describe to us how you paint with words ,a picture so clearly .

Khadijateri ....... Tell us about the roses you've stop to smell recently in your busy life that you normally wouldn't .

Caught In The Middle ........ Please share with us the thing you love most about living here . The Libyan thing that gives you greatest pleasure .

a-akak ....... What makes you laugh until tears roll down your face ?

Khalid Jorni ......... If you fell in love with a foreign woman , would you marry her anyway ?


Rose Bud said...

Ok so this assignment was very personal to me. Writing about my real private feelings is not something I like to do but since you were so honest I took up your challenge. I hope that the others do too. I love your post and I think that you did what you could for all of us and it is now up to us to make our way in the world. If nothing else you taught us right from wrong and thay is a tool we can live by. The rest is up to us.

a_akak said...

I like to reverse the question "Is there anything in your life you would like to do over if you had the chance ?" to say "What will i do in the future *If I am alive*" as the past is behind us and we only see the future

Will try my best to answer your Q

Fe Aman Allah

Serena said...

Wow! My assignment is difficult! I'll think about it and try to come up with something. I don't think I know myself!!

Oreste said...

Hello Edge, a salute from Rome. Ciao