Friday, October 17, 2008

Polls , Reality Checks , Burn Out

I stayed up until 3 A.M. Tripoli time last night or early this morning depending on how you look at it , to watch the last presidential debate in real time. It was what I had been waiting for ... actual answers to questions , the issues discussed , where the candidates stood on them , and the separation of fact from fiction .CBS's Morey Shaffer did a great job as moderator keeping the debate mostly in line and on schedule . The latest poll from today seems to suggest that Obama is a head to date . The Electoral College has Obama up by 109 electoral votes over McCain so far with 94 States still up for grabs . Having said all this .... I am having presidential debate burn out . How about you ? That sounds so unpatriotic . Only 19 more days until the American people elect a new president .

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Rose Bud said...

I think the vote was won from the first debate. All others are just more of the same.