Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Presidential Quiz & The Debates

After watching the second of the debates between Obama and McCain the other night I thought you might want to take a crack at learning who you agree with most .. so far . This is a quiz provided by ABC News network on line . I think you will be surprised by who you pick . It isn't long , is easy to do and totally private .

Just for chuckles and grins ... check out this article from the Yahoo news room on how the Electoral College stacks up its votes pre debate on Tuesday Oct. 7 , 2008 . Feeling a little blue ? Now look at the same Electoral College map after the debate . Thanks once again to the folks at Real Clear Politics for the latest poll after the debate on how McCain and Obama stand ... so far .

I don't know about you but I was disappointed that even in the Town Hall Meeting atmosphere of concise questions asked by the audience and viewers , the two presidential candidates still skirted the issues by vague answers . I was expecting , for some wild reason , that they would take this vital opportunity to let the voters hear what their policies and ideas are in more of a concert answer . I grew frustrated with the bickering and wanted to just shout at them to shut up a minute and answer the questions they had been asked . They were worse than small children arguing over who is right and who is wrong ! I half way expected to hear one or the other start to yell " I'm telling !" I am hoping next weeks debate isn't more of the same . I think the American people and the world is really invested in this election and it's out come. They have the right to the straight facts from these two men, not this election rhetoric we have been hearing so far .


Serena said...

I took the Presidential Quiz and it's thought provoking. It confirmed that I agree with the candidate that I intend to vote for thus far. By the way, I got my absentee ballot yesterday, so I'll have to make a final decision soon!

Queen O'Danile said...

You have been tagged!