Monday, December 8, 2008

The Eid And Libyans

Eid From A Libyan Point Of View

The Men Say :

I bought the sheep .
I killed the sheep .
I ate the sheep .

The Women Say :

I prepared the sheep .
I cooked the sheep .
I ate the sheep .

The Children Say :

I ate the sheep !!!
I ate the sheep !!!!
I ate the sheep !!!!!


Serena said...

Well, they all have something in common - they all said, "I ate the sheep". I enjoy the Eid holiday because we spend more time with family.

I also have more free time to explore new blogs. Check these out: (a storm chaser) (1586 followers)

a_akak said...

So which route did you take? eat eat eat?

Fe Aman Allah

on the edge said...

1 EAT ONLY LOL ! Sereana ... the family .... no comment !

Anonymous said...

on the edge, thanks for visiting my blogs, you are welcome to put the link on your blog, I appreciate it.

I am from New Zealand, we eat a lot of sheep there too, but I imagine the preparation is somewhat different.