Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Saranty Guy Part 2

Just when I think people can't get any stupider ......A couple of weeks ago we had a bad storm with gale force winds , rain , and hail hit us hard . In a freak incident , a piece of hail hit a side balcony door that is made of glass in our kitchen .One thing or another has stopped me from getting it the glass replaced until tonight .

Tonight the Saranty Guy ( shutter) came finally to finish repairing the living room shutter for that balcony . If you remember I mentioned that several times this past year . So , he being a carpenter , I was thinking maybe he would get the glass for us and install it in the kitchen balcony door for me .This way I would not have to do all the running around to get someone to come install the glass for the kitchen door . Right ?

Wrong !!! He told Moe that yes he could do the glass replacement for us . He measured the door for the space where the glass should fit into the door .Um hum , that's a good sign .He then TAKES OUT ALL THE GLASS FROM THE DOOR !! ALL THE GLASS ! There is not one single piece if glass left in the entire door .And HE LEAVES ! With the glass .

After he leaves , I come out of my room where I have respectfully hidden the whole time he is in our house ,since he is a very religious man and I do not wish to embarrass him by my mere presence .I start my inspection of all his work . All is good ...... until I come to the gaping glassless kitchen door where every mosquito in Tagura is sending out party invitations for fresh blood tonight ! It is freezing outside but we still have mosquito's .

I look at the door for several minutes trying to take this new development in before I have a temper tantrum .I ask Moe What is this ? Where is the glass ? WHEN will we get the new glass ? What did he say ? Where did he go ? WHAT WAS HE THINKING ? Taking all the glass out of the door before he got the replacement glass ? How long is this gonna take to get fixed ? Moe looks at me like I am the one with the problem . I asked him why did you let him do that ? Hum ... so I call the guy . I am polite .Really ! I asked him when he was coming back with the glass tonight , wishful thinking right ? He sorta chuckles and said ... well he was in the street RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE and it was night time ... so maybe , maybe ? The place might be closed for the night .I suggest that there are more than one place that sell glass in this part of N. Africa and MAYBE he could find another place tonight ? I mean , we might have a snow storm or something during the night .Not to mention a burglar or two . He told me INSHALLAH ( God Willing ) he would be able to fix it tonight .That was 3 hours ago .

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