Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Of This And That

The Eid was ok . The 1st day we stayed home . We decided to not go to the son's house for the Eid . I had cooked the Libyan soup and a meat dish that has all sorts of cuts of meat that is cooked in spices and eaten with bread for us . That was good .

The next day the whole family came by . Our son brought Haroun , our grandson . He has gone like a weed and can now sit in his little chair that he couldn't sit in before . He was a terror , into everything . I had put most things out of his reaching range already but of course there were a couple of things I missed , lol. Our daughter in the States called and I got to talk to Gail , our grand daughter . Rosebud wrote since her phone is outta order to wish us happy Eid too . She sent some really fabulous pictures of Sophia that we drooled over about a 1,000 times .Everyone was ooowwwing and awwwwing over them . She is so cute !

The nieces and nephews have all grown taller and more beautiful and handsome as well . The brothers and sisters have aged ( of course JUST THEM , not Moe or I ! ) and I was shocked to see all the grey in our sons hair . Where did that come from ?

Today we were gonna go visit the aunts since they are getting up there on age now , but Moe and I have been blessed by every person we have come in contact with over the last week that had the flu .They lovingly passed the flu on to us . We have stayed in bed most of today sleeping . I can remember when that would have been a fantastic thing , but not today . It was spent snuffling ,sneezing , moaning , and groaning . Much complaining on Moe's part and demanding I get this or that for him ... since HE IS DYING ! But I am dreaming of a nurse in a shinning nurse uniform to come and take care of me! Mad laughing going on here , can you hear me ? Ok , that's my 2 minutes of moaning and groaning . I gotta go , Moe is whining in the other room , something about food or maybe meds ?


Serena said...

Wishing you and Mohamed a speedy recovery!

Caught in the middle said...

Hope youre feeling better OTE, Happy Eid to you and Moe, and The family.

Rose Bud said...

I'm glad you had a good holiday! Did you get any new pictures of Haroun? By the way, how is your cold?

abdullah SH said...

I read ths post 'e big smile on my face cus we know who aged here & of course nt me LOL ... 1000 salama 4 moe & u thts we calld "aged events" another LOL... Wish u k now ... Oh haroun he mst bigger now sience last pic 4 him her ... I know how 's 2nd eid day n grandma house "we cant hear each other " evn we stll just 'e 4 kids daughters !! 'e bdy guard 4 evry1 LOL ... Altough no pics 4 haroun &sophia bt we enjowed ...Tc ... Salam