Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Sad Sad Story, LOL !

I feel a little purple right about now . My favorite color is blue but the other day I realized as I was taking stock of things around the house that I had a uncommon amount of things that were the color purple and most of them I didn't buy .

I have a slip sort of night gown thingy that some one gave me. It is the same shade of purple as this print . I have never worn the gown . It lies folded neatly in my closet . I have a great pair of no skid/slip plastic house sandles that are worth their weight in gold that I have worn to death , also from the same person . I love them because they will not slip on the marble floors we have here in Libya , in or out of water. That is very important to me , since I have degenerative arthritis in both knees and need knee replacement surgery's. I just can't seem to get around to doing them for one reason or another . A fall puts me out of commission for weeks .

I also noticed some one else had gifted me with a bathroom set , you know one of those sets that have a soap dish , water glass , and a tooth brush holder in it ? I always wanted one but never would buy it for myself . This gift set is white with violet flowers decaled on the pieces. My daughter sent me a lovely pair of lavender pajamas recently. This last summer a friend gave me a pair of mauve slacks with a matching T shirt . I have worn both many times , always thanking in my mind, the givers of such generous presents . I think there might be a few more purple things around the Condo but right this minute I can't think of them .

I have not been on line this last week because I had A DAY FROM HELL last week . It started out a lovely day . It was the 1st time I had left the house since having the flu for 2 weeks and I was excited because I was going to Beauty Street to get stuff , Lots of STUFF !

The weather looked like it would rain but changed it's mind at the last minute and turned sunny . I went into a few shops and found exactly what I wanted for great prices . I thought to myself that since I had time to kill before I needed to do other errands I would look around to check out the new merchandise . I went into the next store . It was crowded . I had to back up to let a man by pass me and that's when things went south . My bad leg went one way , while the simi good leg went the other .Oh , look mom , I can do the splits ! I was surprised I could still do that ! LOL ! As I was going down I decided I would try to land on my simi bad knee to help minimize the damage I knew was coming .

I landed hard on the so so knee and twisted sprang the bad one . I knew I was in bad trouble . The I was stuck on the floor with 2 strange men staring at me talking about how they were going to get me up . I think I would have laughed if I hadn't been so scared. I was wondering that very same thing too , how was I getting up off that floor . They some how managed to helped me up . I regain what little dignity I had left , thanked them and left to drive home . I wanted to go to a clinic that was on the way home to have a anti inflammatory injection , then go home to put my feet up with ice on the knees to slow the swelling .

On the way home a very large ....strong..... dump truck decided to merge into traffic behind me , causing 3 cars to immediately start honking their horns wildly , trying to get him to stop , which he ignored as he continuing onward into the right side of my car caving it into a mess , knocking the wing mirror off along with part of the front bumper . So that happened ! Luckily no one was hurt or killed .

It just went down hill from there all the way home with one awful thing after another happening to me . I came home to find Moe was out . Where is that man when I need his shoulder to cry on ? SO, I sat all alone ( boo hoo ) feeling so sorry for myself and cried until he came home hours later . Of course he is the hero of the story , taking charge and wiping my tears away . What a guy ! Telling me not to worry about anything , he would take care of it all . See why I married him ? Of course reality is another thing but that is another story for another day , lol !

So , that is the long , very drawn out version of why I haven't been on line ... with out getting to the point , which I am famous for, by the way, in case you never noticed . The point ? I have had to stay off my feet , with my legs up ( now no nasty thoughts !) and can hardly walk . It hurts to sit at the computer for too long , so I probably won't be posting much in the near future .


Caught in the middle said...

Oh poor OTE....Hope you get well soon...

Simply Eva said...

I'm sorry to read about your health issues-and the car accident too--subhannah Allah when it rains it pours. I know what bad knees are--mine are shot and hurt all the time. May Allah help you! Plz try to rest!