Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Question and A Statement

I am not going to talk about the pros or cons of the infamous " Shoe Throwing Incident " that happened to President Bush during his most recent visit to Iraq this past week end . I have one question and one comment .

Where was his security detail when this happened ? If the man had possessed a gun Bush would have been dead . I thought the Secret Service was supposed to be top notch when it came to protecting the President . If I was President Elect Obama I would hope they improve a lot before taking office because I read somewhere Obama has the highest threats made against his life so far than any other President . Let's hope they get better at their job before President Elect Obama takes office in January 2009 .

Now the statement .... did you notice how well President Bush was at ducking those shoes ? I mean the man had a perfect throwing aim at President Bush right ? This leads me to wonder , how did President Bush get so good at ducking things being thrown at him ? Makes you wonder what President Bush and Mrs. Bush do in their spare time huh ? LOL ! I have furnished the video below in case you are one of the few people on the planet that hasn't seen it yet .

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