Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Adventure Of The Day

With 1st of September coming up in a day , things are getting prepared all over Libya for the 40th year celebration of the Great Revolution by Muammar Gaddafi  .

 Things are being moved to Point A and C for the many celebratory party's that will take place over the next few days . There will be horse races , air shows , dancing , speeches ,party's , fire works , and the annual parade .

Today , while driving into town , or trying to , we got stuck at Point B here in Tagura . We sat in a traffic jam for sometime not moving at all . The lane of traffic next to us knew something we didn't ... a short cut . So , I decided to follow the cars and see where it would take us .We went down a little tiny road that at one time might have be a horse trail that has been enlarged over the years to accommodate cars .It twisted this way and that . Around corners and bends in the road that I prayed would not turn out to be dead ends . In and out of pot holes that would swallow a car , maybe ? Many times I had my heart in my mouth as we barley scraped by walls of houses . Quite an adventure ! By the time we made it to were we wanted to be to being with, the traffic jam had cleared out ! Figures huh ? LOL !

We decided to take a different route into town than the one we had originally chosen because it was less likely to be anyone's Point A. , B. , or C. So , off went down the new/old road . This road was under construction for over 20 years and has been used so much  the last 19 years, it needs to be repaved again. There are bumps and dips in the road here and there but NOTHING LIKE THE ONES WE HAD DRIVEN ON EARLIER . LOL ! 

So , we are driving along , all happy with ourselves for avoiding all the traffic . Making good time when all of the sudden the driver in the car in front of me , swerves a wide right in the road . I am thinking he must know the road well. There must be a hugh pothole  ahead in the road , so I do the same thing. I start to laugh my head off when I see the HUGH POTHOLE .... it is a teeny , tiny DIP in the pavement ! LOL ! After all the potholes we had driven through on our "short cut" in Tagura , the dip in the road was a joke ! I told Moe ,"these City Folks just don't know what a REAL POTHOLE is ! They should come and take the "short cut" and see what one looks like!" 

So , that was our adventure of the day. Hope you had a good day. If you are in Libya , enjoy your national day on 1st of September .

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KhedegahMc said...

LOL my husband is just the same...the tinest pot hole and he is avoiding it like the plague hahahahaha