Thursday, August 13, 2009

At My Age....

This is so totally ME !!!! Scary !


a_akak said...

My fairy godmother

A young "bird" like you never ages

Hope you & ur family are doing well :) ... sorry i dont reply much but i am back at Libya so less time online

Fe Aman Allah

Weldemdina said...

loool this is soo funny ..I know I shouldnt laugh..but it is funny :o)

on the edge said...

A_AKA .... so great to hear from you again ! Always a pleasure !!!So , from your comment , I take you are hard at work . Remember all work and no travel ( in your case lol ) will make you bored ! Have a good Ramadan!

Weldemdina ....Laugh ! It will happen to you one day too , lol !Moe says that my memory works just fine ... when it comes to ALL the Things he wishes I would forget , lol !Peace out ! OTE