Friday, August 7, 2009


Have you ever noticed how when you want to go to sleep sometimes , everything on your body starts to itch ? First it is a little tiny flick of a itch on the side of your nose , like a mosquito just flew by your head . That puts the idea in your mind that there ARE mosquito's in the bedroom and then that's all you can think about , those mosquito's looking for a nice juicy place to land on your body to suck your blood .

Then you feel something on your leg .A twitchy something . Something that keeps coming back After you have already scratched that place twice ? Next it might be your arm . So , now no matter HOW hot it is , you cover up with the sheet so that whatever it is that is crawling all over you ; and here your imagination is running WILD by now ,you won't feel it . BUT YOU DO ANYWAY ?

You toss and turn in bed and still feel that THING just as you begin to fall asleep . Now doesn't that JUST DRIVE YOU CRAZY ? You even go so far as to get up and turn on the lights to FIND the demon mosquito that you are convinced is on a personal mission to make you miserable ! Hunt as much as you will , it is nowhere to be found ! ERG H !!!!

Next you try to convince yourself that there ISN"T anything in the room with you and it is all in your mind . Your skin is crawling by now and every nerve in your body is on a red alert for any incoming enemy . You lie as silently as possible , straining your ears for any sound whatsoever , but all you can hear is the ringing in your ears from your blood pressure .

Finally you give up on any sleep and get out of bed .You go turn on the TV in the living room . And what do you know , here comes that pesky mosquito from the bedroom .SLAM ! You got it ! Hip , hip , hurray !It's DEAD ! OK , now you can go back to bed and get some sleep .No more bugs crawling on you looking to suck your blood . You are almost asleep and then you feel it ...... another darn mosquito ! OMG !


Rose Bud said...

Very cute story and oh so true. Anyone that sleeps with the windows open or camps knows exactly what your talking about. It's even worse when your windows are shut, then you can sit and wonder how the insect, bug got in.

khadijateri said...

You know there is a bedbug epidemic happening in Libya these days. Actually is is happening world wide. People here are suffering horribly from it. Give you mattress edges a good check.

on the edge said...

Aw ,Teri you know ... I am "been there and done that " ?We did have a bed bug infestation once in the 1990's when my son came home on leave from the Army in the dessert . Nasty things . We just had to throw away all the mattresses . The worse thing was they got into the furniture as well .

What a night mare time that was . We eventually got rid of them but what a battle . I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy !!! Lice too is bad world wide ! OMG !!!!!