Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Eid To All

Today in Libya it is the 1st day of the Eid. For the rest of the Muslim world, tomorrow is the Eid. Don't ask , cause I can't explain, ok ? It was a good Ramadan. We actually had a great Ramadan this year . Things on a general whole went well for Moe and I.

Having said that, I am definitely glade it is over since the last two days I developed a sever bladder infection. But it is sure seemed weird to wake up this morning and drink a cup of coffee .

Our  son and his family came over to take Moe out to wish relatives happy Eid, while I stay home to greet our guest. Everyone looks so nice in their new clothes.

Our daughter in law is ready to deliver her new baby any second now. I feel for her. She said "I want it out NOW !!" LOL ! And at the same time she says she is afraid for what awaits her in the delivery room. I just laughed at her and told her it is a little too late to be remembering about that part of having a baby. LOL! 

We know it is a boy . She still hasn't picked a name out yet . She likes one name. Our son likes another . They both are nice names . She asked me today what I thought about the name our son had picked out. I almost said it was a nice name when I saw the look on her face. I quickly said it was a good name but the one she liked was much better. I figured since she named their 1st son after our son that died, she should have her pick this time around. Well , we will see how this turns out . Will let you know when the time comes.

Weather here is hot , hot , hot and the AC needs freon. Impossible to find anyone to do that during Ramadan. So hopefully after the Eid we will get fixed and I can stop sweating all the time ! I hate to be sweaty !!! It makes me all grouchy. Someone is knocking on the door . I gotta go. Take care. Happy Eid to you wherever you are, peace and blessings. OTE


Anonymous said...

May God be with you and your DIL and the coming grandson. Who are the three cuties you posted in your last entry? What adorable children!

on the edge said...

Thank you ! Those are our grandchildren. And Our DIL STILL has had the baby YET!Typical boy , lol ! Waiting !!!