Friday, September 25, 2009

One Week Later After The Eid

WOW, this time last week we were anticipating the Eid . Look how fast time fly's. Eid has come and gone. It seemed to go on and on this year . I think it was confusing to some people because there were just 2 work days after the end of the Eid, before the weekend started here . I know many people took the entire week off to travel or visit family members that live out side of town. School started back up also , and here again , many of the kids didn't go, waiting until this coming Sunday to start .

Speaking of the Eid ... we had a funny episode here in the Condo .As I told you before, Moe, our son &Co. went visiting the relatives the 1st day . I had a few visitors the 1st day while I was alone . The second day we always have a certain set of friends and relatives that visit on this day. Sure enough they came around. It is always so nice to see people you like and never get to see much of during the rest of the year for one reason or another . Usually on the 3rd day of the Eid we don't have visitors since we have seen everyone by then , but this year was a little different .

Moe and I thinking no one would come over on the 3rd day , didn't bother to put on our Eid clothes , but rather , we sat around in our normal daily clothes, which for that day was old faded shorts and a old T shirt for Moe. I had on a short nightgown that could pass for a dress in the US but not here in Libya , if you know what I mean . They were not clothes we would normally wear around company but since we didn't anticipate having company , we didn't really care what we had on .So ..... there we were , all comfortable puttering around the Condo . Moe watching his sports and I on the computer sending countless joke emails out to my poor friends and relatives choking their mail boxes . The door bell rings .

I am wondering who can that be as Moe opens the door .His brother in law  came to visit . He is a lovely man and loves to laugh . SO , I served them the drinks and sweets and went back on the computer . They talk and laugh  for hours . Then another knock on the door . WOW ! Some one else ? Hum? Open the door to see one of our nieces with her 3 little girls .

I love it when she visits because her girls speak English and I can easily inter-act with them in my language . We had a lot of fun .She has a 2 year old that is a real sweety . She came and took a bite from every sweet on the tray , sampling them until she found the one she liked the best . As one does , you know .LOL !Then they left for home after a nice long visit.

The weather outside was awful that day and had caused me to develop a migraine headache by this time. So when I put the refreshment tray in the kitchen I wasn't thinking clearly due to my headache . I laid down hoping to get rid of the headache . Wrong !

Just as I began to relax the door bell rang again . This was so cool, all these people coming over . I answered the door to find another niece , her husband which I had never met before ( I am still in that nightgown remember since we are STILL thinking NO ONE IS COMING OVER, lol !),and her brand new baby.

They sit down . I went to get the tray . I served them the drinks with sweets that were still on the tray from the last visitor( the niece with the little girls) and they just drink the cokes , not touching the sweets . We had a great visit . The baby was so cute and her husband very nice . I am a little embarrassed because I am in my nightgown but figure HEY , it is too late he saw me already dressed this way so why change .

After a while , they leave too . I am wondering what this man thought about Moe and I dressed so casual when I notice the sweets on the tray that I served them .EACH ONE HAD 1 LITTLE TINY BITE TAKEN FROM THEM, from when our other nieces little girl had sampled them . I had forgotten to change the sweets on the tray after she left , because of my headache !OMG ! Now what that man must think about me ? Wearing a nightgown on the Eid in front of  a strange man , serving them sweets with bites taken from them , lol ! I am sure next Eid he won't be coming over , lol !I still laugh when ever I think about it . Welcome to the family !

The next day a group of my closet friends got together to have coffee and breakfast in the town to celebrate one of their birthdays .We sorta invaded the cafe in mass . Placed our orders and made them turn the TV down so we could talk . We really had a great time . We stay in touch with one another most of the time through phone calls or emails, but with our busy schedules , we very seldom get together all at the same time with each other .This was a real treat  to be able to sit down and visit face to face.

Yesterday I went to visit my friend and neighbor that just returned from her visit home in Amercia . She went home for several months , so we had a ton of gossip to catch up on .She brought back all kinds of goodies with her. She generously served them all up to me .I left her house stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey,  with a bag full of all kinds of things she had brought for my family and I .

Today I think Moe and I will go see one of his sisters that has her daughter staying with her. The niece just had a baby and I haven't seen her yet . All in all it has been pretty busy for us around here. A perfect Eid . Hope your week was just as nice . Blessings , OTE

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