Wednesday, September 2, 2009


WOW , WOW , WOW ! And more WOW ! We just finished watching this evenings broadcast show live on Libyan TV. It made you proud to see a professional show that would be worthy on Broadway.Part Cirque de Soleil , a little Broadway thrown in , some history lessons, add a bit of patriotic fever , dance ,music and you have a winner of a show . Oh , did I forget to mention the fireworks display that lasted FOREVER? I have never seen such a display of fireworks quite like tonight's. It lasted a good 20 or so minutes, maybe longer.It was fantastic !We saw them on the TV and off the Condo's balcony simultaneously.So cool!

I can hear the critics out there reading this, mumbling.They are grumbling already about the waste of money . The money could have been better spent on the infrastructure ,medicines , hospitals , schools , education , roads ,and on and on the list goes , but for ONCE ..... I disagree with them .Normally I would agree, but not this time .

A nation , a people,needs to have something to unite them. A sense of  pride. Something that makes you say,"Yes I am Libyan and proud of it!"Libyans have plenty to be proud of,but due to events in recent history,have lost a bit of that pride.

I believe that tonight's show will reminded the nation of their heritage , the uniqueness of Libya, her peoples , and their culture . The world benefits when a country has culture . It must be at peace to nurture it's artisans,encourage their growth .Art in it's many forms has been neglected for years here in Libya . It has been sent underground , hidden or not openly celebrated as in other country's .Maybe now that door has opened a little, Art will be encouraged to flourish and grow.
The day's and evenings events where so well organized and well presented .The parade ,the air show , the horsemen , the marching bands ,the color guards from the many nations , and finally the evenings show all added up to Libyan Pride. Congrats Libya on showing the world what you can do !!


Meme said...

yeah it was a very nice party indeed.
between you and me i was surprised.

Weldemdina said...

I agree with you totally, I did watch some of it and it was impressive to watch, however.. why keeping the people from watching it closer, not just from tv sets? why seal off the whole city center so no one could get in? I thought the whole thing is for the people to the people and by the people? You need to crawl before you walk as they say.

Ramadan Mubarek

Pinky Tabor said...

i saw it on tv too...the entire production was a winner. i love it so much. it showed something Libyans can be proud of. I love the combination of stage and the multi-media, the inter play of lights...the story line..all of it!!!
i wished i had actually seen it and not just on's amazing to see this kind of play in Libya.