Friday, September 4, 2009

I Am So Happy !

How ya doing these days? I am doing absolutely fantabulous! The other day as I was sitting with Moe killing time until I had to go in the kitchen to cook dinner ,it dawned on me ," hey I am happy. For no reason ,just pure Dee happy ."

I started to examine why I was so happy. I realized it was because for the rest of the world was marching to my drummer and my rhythm for a change. I love to stay awake all night and sleep all day. That is the way I was made. I live like this most of the time but I feel guilty and many, including Moe ,try make me feel guilty. They say I am wasting away the day. That makes me wake up early and grouchy. 

But Ramadan, here in Libya, well.... it's a whole new ballgame babycakes! It becomes my kind of world! Those of us that can , sleep during the day, and yes I know that's not the way you are supposed to fast; but it works for me. Then I get up to do a little house work, wake up some more( no coffee remember?), start cooking dinner. By the time we have eaten, I am good to go for the rest of the night.

Take the other night for example, we had dinner, watched our favorite Ramadan show on TV, THEN went out to do the errands. It was GREAT! No one was nasty tempered. Everyone was smiling. All the shops were open. We picked up our laundry at 1:30 a.m. Now that's the way to live as far as I am concerned.

Tonight I was a dinner guest of Om Taziri and her daughter, Taziri . Moe went to his brother's for dinner. That worked out great for him since all his family went there too after dinner to visit. They had a lovely family evening together. Meanwhile,at OmTaziri's house, we had a fantabulous dinner ... THAT I DIDN'T HAVE TO COOK .

We watched a little TV, then got ready to visit Khadijateri in her new home. It is just to DIE FOR!!! Hope she post some pictures of it soon on her blog for you to see how nice it is now that she and Mustafa have finished it! MASHALLAH!!!!!!! 

While at her home I met fellow blogger Heba. What a wonderful surprise that was for me! And guy's ... she is really cute and she is single too ! Oh, and did I mention smart? Anyway, we had a ball tonight.It would have never happened if not for Ramadan. 

Also, more importantly, the true reason for my happiness and peace of mind these days, other than the world being on my time; I read the Quran everyday or watch it on TV when I don't read it, or I do both. I just stopped worrying about everything . I am putting my faith in Allah to do what He thinks is best for Moe, our family, our friends ,and me. This is what Islam is about,blind trust in Allah,submitting to His will .It works. I am at peace .I wish you peace in your life and wellness .Blessings , OTE


Pinky Tabor said...

i admire your spirit, sis. and i love your faith. and i envy the way your body clock goes. i wish i can stay awake and still full of energy until 12 midnight and sleep until 10 am. i wish...

Khadijateri said...

Thanks for coming over. And thanks for the advice about what to do with the ladies Sitting room.

After Ramadan we'll have a cookout in the garden. The weather will be cooler and you can drag Moe along too.

on the edge said...

Pinky just wait until the kids grow up , leave home and then you get to sleep .... FINALLY ! LOL !Love ya !

HEBA said...

Hello on the edge , thank you for your sweet words, It was really nice meeting you finally ;)

wish to meet you soon again , in shaa allah

my best wishes for you

on the edge said...

Heba , the pleasure was all mine . And a special hello to Salem !

ibeebarbie said...

Salam On The Edge,

I love the wonderous moments of blissfulness----the moments you are expressing about in this post, alhamdullilah.

You have a gift for expressing such feelings in a very real and personal way that all can relate too.

P.S. Happy Birthday!

on the edge said...

ibeebarbie , Thanks for the greetings !

Khedegah said...

Asalom Alai Kom,

It is great to see you are back in your cheerful mood again. Alhomdolelah.
My Brother In Law called....30 seconds but a call Alhodolelah. He had to go to Zliten, cos Mager still has no coverage, and well the call dropped, and could not reconnect , even there. But it shows they are able to get out and About Alhomdolelah.

As for Heba....I have 5 handsome single brother in Laws MashAllah wa TabarackAllah....All ages hehehehe ages range from 26 to 17 wink wink LOL

Ma Saloma Khedegah xxxx

Ma Saloma