Monday, September 7, 2009

I Am Holding At 35

Yesterday was my birthday , and no I will NOT say how old I am now .I think I am putting a cap on my age and will stay 35 here on out . 35 was a good year. Last year was too but but I like the sound of the word 35 better than 50something .Yes, 35 it is from here on out .

Yesterday was a good day. Calls and cards from family and friends helped to make it a wonderful day .I cooked one of my favorite meals for our dinner last night .Pigged out on cake .Moe was sweet and thoughtful too .WOW , I think I should have a birthday everyday , hehehe !

It is hot , humide , hot, and more humid with a slight breeze to make it even more humid!Typical Septemeber here in Libya! Well , I need to get ready to cook dinner , so take care , OTE


a_akak said...


May every year bring you more happiness to you are family

Fe Aman Allah

Anonymous said...

happy birthday

Queen O'Danile said...

Happy Birthday sweets and mannnnnnnny more!

Meme said...

i was here before and i believe i wrote happy birthday but since my internet is having a bad mood these days so here i am -just in case my first comment did not reach you -wishing you a happy birthday..

on the edge said...

Thanks everyone !!! And especially to a_akak for making me Even Younger , lol !

Pinky Tabor said...

Happy Birthday! This is kind of late but then, did you just wish that everyday is your birthday? I wish to sing to you...i wish to play for you. Someday, it will come.

Bumedian said...

happy times happy all times

wish you live longer happy and young at no more than 35 ;)

happy birth day and happy all the way

Tegards ;)