Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blonde Password

During a recent password audit at a company , it was found that a blonde receptionist was using the following password :

" MickeyMinniePlutoHeuyLouieDewyDonaldGoofySacramento"

When she was asked WHY she had such a long password , she said she had been told it had to be at least ........

8 characters long and one capital .

Funny thing about this ... I can so relate , lol . When I 1st learned how to using the computer I would have thought the same thing . LOL ! OTE


Meme said...

OH GOD!! i bet no one could steal her acount!!!

Bumedian said...


lol wow ,,, that’s funny  haven’t thought it to be this way ever 
The thing is how did she managed to remember it all the time she use it