Thursday, December 10, 2009


Five years after our youngest son died of Aids complications , you would hope that Libya would have a  PLAN to treat , educate , council the Libyan people through a public program on HIV/AIDS . As far as I know there isn't one in place . At least I haven't seen it or heard about it up to now .Of course that doesn't mean there isn't one , so I went looking.  I was curious to see if things had changed in the past 5 years for Libyans, concerning any sort of program  available . I googled Libya and AIDS and this is what I got :
There was this

Global HIV/AIDS news and analysis

I looked this one up too:

WHO Issues New HIV/AIDS Treatment Guidelines - Monday, November 30, 2009
 ( which I don't think is being done here in Libya ? Dose anyone have information ?)

Then I found this article that partners Libya up with the  Delegation of the European Commission to Libya.  :
Between 2009 and 2010, The International Health Group of LSTM in partnership with Libyan institutions and Harvard University's Biostatistics Department (HUBD), will produce updated and comprehensive information on the current epidemiology of HIV infection in the country in order to produce an effective national HIV strategy.

I also found this :



khadijateri said...

My son said that the schools were taking the students down to the Green Square this week for some kind of AIDS awareness display.

One problem that I see is that the teachers give so much misinformation to the school children. I think that the teachers need to be educated about the subject before they start passing on the wrong message to their students.

on the edge said...

We have teachers all through out our family , bit not one has mentioned this rally . But then again , they never talk about this sort of thing .

Yes , one would HOPE that the teachers are WELL EDUCATED on the subject BEFORE trying to teach about it , huh ? Let's keep our fingers crossed .

I have heard that pregnant women with HIV/AIDS are given the drug(s) to help prevent the disease from crossing over to the baby through the placenta ,in Libya now . That is a improvement from just 3 years ago .