Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Water World Opera

The world in blue is more or less what we have been living with here in the Condo On The Seaside recently . It felt like a curse had been put upon us of hot dripping water , sometimes running water from the many water faucets in the Condo . 

It all started with the tube that carries the water that we wash ourselves with after using the toilet . That began a slow drip . Several weeks later the hot water faucet in the kitchen sink added it's tenor voice to the serenade.That was closely followed by the hot water faucet for the bathroom sink singing a falsetto . By this time I lost my sense of humor with the whole " Water World Opera"  and am nagging Moe to call the plumber . He procrastinates very well , despite the nagging .

The straw that broke the camels back was when the washing machine's hot water faucet started to stream down on to the bathroom floor making it dangerous walking into the bathroom altogether ; that Moe found the plumber's phone number all on his own and called the man to come and make the necessary repairs .

And not a minute too soon for me ! It was making me all out of sorts . I was grouchy . I felt like you do when you get sand or salt under your finger nails . Yucky !!Then to make matters worse , we have had the SMOKE from the burning trash dump seeping into the Condo late at night . Waking up choking on smoke is not fun at all !  Several people that came to visit during the Eid complained about the smoke as well to me . It is really bad . Wish they would find an alternate method to this situation of disposing of the trash.

It is hard to believe that 2009 is almost over isn't it . Just a few more weeks and it will be 2010 . Amazing ! 2010 , wow ! Imagine, if my mother were still alive , she would be 100 years old in this coming March . My youngest grand daughter will be one years old on the 3rd of December . Time is flowing quickly , like a sliver stream of mercury . Impossible to grasp in your hand . So much has happened this past year. When I look back over the events of this past year , it is almost impossible believe it has been only a short year in time . Is it the same for you ?


Bumedian said...

good morning and eid mubarak :)

hope you had a very nice time with this eid….
Every thing was as it should be in this eid. despite some shakings of no time to time :)

Did you know that less people would act quickly to that drops of water that made the symphony to you… unless its complete mess or the water cut completely.. as they will not find the way to do what they should with… so there is no other solution that fixing it.
So as long as the waters still coming out and hands are washed… then every thing is alright 

Time is slipping faster than ever each day forward … and that’s natural… as speed is the code of life now… and more it will be… and the fact is that our life is slipping away,,, but the good part is that when you look back and see what have you done with your time… and if we find at least 35% of achievements in the good directions that is good… and remember that we should do more to rise up the score… 

Hope you get rid of the trash burning or they relocate cos they will never find alternative ways than this cheap one…

Hope you are well and happy

Thank you

a_akak said...

My fairy godmother

How have you been?

I am sorry to hear about the plumbing but its one of the many taxing chores that have to be done

Time flies ... May 2010 bring us more posts from our one and only

Fe Aman Allah

libyan said...

Oh yes, i think everyone is feeling the same, one year ago i was preparing for my visit to Libya and waiting, and now my second baby already starts crawling on the ground.

However, i hope the water problem was solved.

on the edge said...

So good to hear from you . All is well !OTE

So wise beyond your years. So true words.OTE